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The Great Spirit is a deity who is mentioned in King of the Jungle. He is a mystical being who is worshiped by the lions of the Pride Lands.


The Great Spirit is an elderly lion, with a flowing, silky mane and a spotted muzzle. His eyes are white, and his nose is black.


King of the Jungle


Concept artwork of the Great Spirit

Mufasa: They can live on grass and greens, but we can't, son. It's not the way we were made.
Simba: Who made us that way?
Mufasa: The Lion in the Moon who made us all.
Mufasa and Simba

After Simba's encounter with the hyenas, the cub is feeling shaken and upset, so Sarabi takes Simba out one night to see the moon. To calm her son, she sings him a song about a lion who inhabits the moon.

The Orphaned Birds

Everyone notices him sooner or later - the Great Spirit.

The Great Spirit is a male lion who rules the animals. He seems to be a deity of sorts, as Mufasa mentions that he rules their lives. He is assumed to be the cause of Tojo's sprained leg, as Tojo is later able to take in and raise six orphaned birds.


  • The Great Spirit was intended to be the focus of a song called "The Lion in the Moon". This song was later deleted.[1]


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