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   Pride Lands
   Hakuna Matata (formerly)


Pride Landers

Gozi is a female frog.



Gozi is a frog who lived during Scar's reign. Due to the poor conditions of the Pride Lands, she left to live in the jungle.

Operation Pridelands

When Timon and Pumbaa come looking for Gozi, they find her stuck in a termite nest. At first, they try to tell her that she can return home, but she demands to know their names first, and they reluctantly introduce themselves. They then inform Gozi that she can return to the Pride Lands now that the hyenas are gone, but Gozi informs them that she is stuck in the termite hill.


Gozi with Timon and Pumbaa

A curious Timon questions her as to how she'd gotten trapped, and Gozi admits that she'd been curious about the doings of termites and had wandered into the nest. However, she'd been trapped by Kisangani, the termite queen, who'd wanted to teach her a lesson in being so nosy. As Gozi finishes, Kisangani introduces herself and warns Timon and Pumbaa to leave her termite hill alone.

Despite Kisangani's warnings, Timon and Pumbaa free Gozi, who begins to ramble until she's interrupted by Timon. However, Gozi soon starts chatting again, wondering how Timon and Pumbaa had met, but Pumbaa loses patience and tells Gozi that they must go, for they're on a mission for King Simba. Gozi hops away contentedly.

Gozi appears at the celebratory bonfire, dancing alongside her friends.

Physical appearance

Long-legged and thin, Gozi is a bright green frog with red arms and legs, and a pale chest. Her eyes are unusually large and black.

Personality and traits

Gozi is extremely jittery and not prone to trusting strangers. However, once she becomes comfortable, she is a chatterbox and loves to ramble without being interrupted.


  • Gozi is a town in Burkina Faso, a country in Africa.[1]


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