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Physical characteristics
Hair color

Brown, cream, and tan

Eye color



   Pale tails and underbellies
   Red sclerae
   White-rimmed eyes

Sociocultural characteristics



Pride Lands

Notable members


Galagos (also known as Bushbabies) are creatures that appear in the Lion King universe.


The Lion Guard

In The Search for Utamu

Ono spots three galagos about to fall off a tree branch. Fuli speeds to the tree and manages to catch the falling galagos on her back. Thankful for their rescue, the galagos then hug Fuli.

In The Call of the Drongo

Several galagos are seen during "Bird of a Thousand Voices" as Tama mimics their calls.

In The Imaginary Okapi

Galagos are briefly shown and mentioned when Beshte sings "Life in the Pride Lands".

In The Trouble With Galagos

A galago named Laini along with her group are scared away from their tree by Badili the leopard. They consult the Lion Guard and seek shelter at Hakuna Matata Falls, until being frightened by Pumbaa's flatulence. The galagos decide to stay with the Guard, still being terrified by Badili despite his friendly nature. Once the Guard helps Badili fight off a rival leopard Mapigano from his territory, the galagos are returned to their home.

In Battle for the Pride Lands

The galagos participate in the battle against Scar and his army.

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