Fire-breathing chicken
Fire-breathing chicken
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Black, blue, and brown

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Abnormally large

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I just don't get it, Pumbaa! I mean, no matter what I do, I just can't defeat that chicken!
Timon on his inability to defeat the chicken[src]

The fire-breathing chicken is a giant chicken monster that Timon wished for (though it was intended to be a dragon). When Timon sends Pumbaa to Lester to deliver his wish to become a king who can defeat a ferocious fire-breathing monster with claws and wings, Pumbaa screws up the words "can" and "can't". As a result, the chicken cannot be defeated.


The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa

"Be More Pacific"

After Lester Timon and Pumbaa's third and final wish, he turns into a human princess and walks away. With Lester gone, Pumbaa seeks out Timon, who has been granted his castle and kingly position. After showing off his new security systems to Pumbaa, Timon is attacked by a giant, fire-breathing chicken, which he had intended to be a dragon. In an attempt to thwart the beast, Timon attacks it with a sword, only to be fried by the chicken's fiery breath. Other attempts at vanquishing the chicken prove futile, and Timon soon realizes that Pumbaa has screwed up this wish as well.

With the two friends distracted, the chicken attacks, its fire breath hitting a security lever that activates all of Timon's systems. Timon and Pumbaa flee the beast, but it pursues them, burning each and every one of their hiding places to a crisp. After their last hideaway burns away, Timon gets an idea and tells Pumbaa to flee to the roof. Together, the friends escape the chicken and close the trapdoor behind them, piling large furniture against the door to keep the beast out.

Later that night, Timon uses a fishing pole to catch fish out of the sea. After snagging himself a small blue fish, Timon asks the fish whether it is a magic, wish-granting fish or not, only to receive a mouthful of water in the face. Pumbaa yells at his friend that the trapdoor won't hold much longer, and Timon heaves his hook back into the sea.

Personality and traits

The chicken is a ferocious monster that has the ability to breath fire. Due to Pumbaa inadvertently screwing up his and Timon's third and final wish, the chicken cannot be defeated, no matter which weapon Timon uses to try to do so. As a result, the chicken becomes menacing to the duo, as it tries to burn them to death with its fiery breath.

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