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Makucha's army

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Chuluun, Jiona, Makucha, Mama Binturong, Ora, Smun


Anga, Baliyo, Beshte, Bunga, Fuli, Kion, Makini, Nirmala, Ono, Rani, Surak

Count me in. What do we do?
―Fahari to Makucha, as he agrees to journey to the Tree of Life[src]

Fahari is a male leopard. He is a member of Makucha's army.

On their way to the Tree of Life, the Lion Guard crossed through the Back Lands. Fahari and his friends, Jiona and Makucha, attempted to stop them, only for the fight to be interrupted by a harmattan. Because the bad weather would prolong the Lion Guard's presence in their territory, the leopards reluctantly agreed to escort them to the border. However, along the way, they learned of the Lion Guard's mission to reach the Tree of Life and so schemed to get rid of them, kidnap Makini, and force her to be their guide. Their efforts were ultimately thwarted by Ono, who uncovered their deception.

While Makucha pursued the Lion Guard out of the Back Lands, Fahari and Jiona elected to remain behind. However, through Mama Binturong's intervention, both leopards rejoined Makucha at the Tree of Life, where they participated in the final battle against the Lion Guard and the Night Pride. Makucha's army was ultimately defeated by Kion, who used the Roar of the Elders to banish them from the Tree of Life.


Early life

Fahari lived in the Back Lands. At some point in his life, he befriended two fellow leopards named Jiona and Makucha.[1]

Plot against the Lion Guard

Uh, pass. The Lion Guard's too much for us.
―Fahari to Makucha, as he elects to remain in the Back Lands with Jiona[src]

Fahari, Jiona, and Makucha plot to attack the Tree of Life.

While en route to the Tree of Life, the Lion Guard arrived at the first landmark of their journey: a waterfall in the Back Lands. With the help of Anga, the team's Keenest of Sight, they spotted the next landmark, an iroko tree, in the distance.

The team started toward the tree, only to be thwarted by Makucha, who demanded that they leave his territory. He and his friends, Fahari and Jiona, attacked the Lion Guard until a dust storm called a harmattan interrupted the fight. Anga used her eyesight to guide the Lion Guard to a cave by the waterfall, but Makucha and his friends had already taken shelter there.

Fahari fights Bunga and Fuli.

Makucha explained that a harmattan could last for weeks and that he did not want them staying in his territory for so long. He offered to guide them out of his territory. Together, the leopards and the Lion Guard ventured out into the harmattan. They took shelter in a canyon, but a loose rock tumbled down toward Kion. Makucha shoved him out of the way, saving his life, much to the shock of Fahari and Jiona. Makucha merely claimed that he had been trying to save himself.

After the rescue, the team moved on. Makucha drew his friends to the side and schemed to lead the Lion Guard off a cliff and force Makini to lead them to the Tree of Life. Makucha then led the Lion Guard to a canyon that ended in a cliff. Ono warned his team members, who turned to face Makucha and his friends. A brief scuffle broke out, with Anga rescuing Bunga from falling over the cliff. The winds began to pick up, and Ono warned the Lion Guard to take shelter behind rocks. The leopards did not hear his warning and got blown away. An enraged Makucha resolved to follow the Lion Guard to the Tree of Life, but his friends refused. Makucha then left to track the team on his own.[1]

Battle for the Tree of Life

Long time, no see.
―Fahari to Makucha[src]

After being fetched by Smun, Fahari arrived at the Tree of Life, along with Jiona. Makucha was delighted to see them. The army then resolved to invade the Tree of Life and feast on its animals.

Fahari attacks the animals of the Tree of Life.

Ullu warned the Night Pride about the army's attack, and they rushed to the Tree of Life, only to be shut in by a giant rock pushed by Ora and his minions. With the Night Pride out of commission, the army attacked the animals of the Tree of Life. The Lion Guard arrived, having been warned by Ullu, and resolved to free the Night Pride from the army's trap.

Eventually, Kion, Bunga, and Rani arrived, and Kion used the Roar of the Elders to defeat the villains. He then struck the rock at the Tree of Life's entrance with lightning, destroying it and freeing the Night Pride. Finally, Kion swept Fahari and his allies into a tornado, which sent them far away from the Tree of Life.[2]

Physical appearance

Fahari is a small and slender leopard. He has cream-colored fur, with a pale muzzle, paws, and underbelly. His coat is dotted with black spots, and his tail is striped with black, cream, and white. His eyes are brown.[1]

Personality and traits

Like his friends, Makucha and Jiona, Fahari is arrogant and unfriendly. He is willing to fight for his territory but backs down in the face of a challenge.[1] He is fierce and merciless in a fight, as he was willing to hurt innocent animals in order to score a meal.[2]



  • Fahari's name means "arrogant, pompous" in Swahili.[4]


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