Eye of the Beholder
Eye of the Beholder
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Howy Parkins


   John Loy
   Jack Monaco
   Ford Riley

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The Lion Guard





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February 5, 2016

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"Can't Wait to be Queen"


"The Kupatana Celebration"

Amazing to you. To me? Not so much. But, they do say that art is in the eye of the beholder.

"Eye of the Beholder" is the fifth episode of Season 1 of The Lion Guard. It aired on February 5, 2016.

Official synopsis

"When Ono temporarily loses vision in one of his eyes, he questions his value to the Lion Guard as the 'keenest of sight.'"[1]

Plot summary

The Lion Guard struggles to evade a wildebeest stampede, which kicks up dust that blocks their vision. Kion calls to Ono, who can view the stampede from overhead, and he helps the group chase off the parties responsible for the stampede: Janja and his minions, Cheezi and Chungu. However, as Ono watches the hyenas flee into the Outlands, he gets sand in his eye and falls to the ground.

2016-06-30-18 44 59

As Ono tracks the hyenas back into the Outlands, he gets dust in his eye

The Lion Guard quickly brings Ono to Rafiki, who constructs an eye patch for him and tells him to stay out of action for three days. Though Kion tries to reassure Ono that the Lion Guard can get by without him, Ono insists on proving himself and attempts to show off his keen sight to his friends. However, as he is flying over the Pride Lands, he bumps into Mwoga, a vulture. As the Lion Guard struggles to help Ono recover from the crash, Mwoga observes from overhead and decides to report his findings to Mzingo.

In the Outlands, Mwoga interrupts his parliament's meeting and reports what he knows of Ono's eye injury. Janja happens to overhear the conversation and hatches a plan to trick the Lion Guard while Ono is out of commission ("Outta the Way").

2016-06-30-18 59 00

With Ono out of commission, Janja manages to trap the Lion Guard in a ravine

Meanwhile, Rafiki is attempting to paint a picture of the Lion Guard, but it keeps turning out wrong. In the midst of the proceedings, Beshte rushes up to his friends and reports that Janja has been spotted on a ledge overlooking a herd of zebras in the Pride Lands. Kion takes the Lion Guard to investigate, though Ono stays behind with Rafiki.

While with Rafiki, Ono comforts him, reassuring him that his new painting looks just like the others. This causes Rafiki to realize that Kion's Lion Guard is not like the others, for they are not just teammates; they are friends. He thanks Ono for his help, and Ono realizes that he must help his friends no matter his physical condition. Giving a hasty goodbye to Rafiki, Ono flies off to rejoin his team.

2016-06-30-19 03 44

Rafiki's finished painting of the Lion Guard

As Kion leads the Lion Guard into a canyon, Janja and his minions drop rocks on either side of them, trapping them in the ravine. After gloating to Kion, Janja rushes off to pick off the zebra herd, and Kion and his friends attempt to escape the rock walls. Just in time, Ono appears, and Kion instructs him to move the zebras so that he can safely blast the rocks with the Roar of the Elders.

Ono does as instructed, and Kion breaks the Lion Guard free. With the Lion Guard back in action, Janja takes off with his minions, and the Lion Guard returns to Pride Rock. There, they are met by Rafiki, who has redone the painting so that Kion is among his friends, not just his teammates. Ono compliments the baboon's work, and Rafiki comments that such words mean a lot to him, as they come from the keenest of sight.



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