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Physical characteristics
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Gold, orange, and white

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Crest feathers

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Pride Lands



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The bravest is the honey badger, hippo the strongest, cheetah the fastest, and the egret – egrets have sort of binocular vision which gives them depth perception which most birds who have eyes on either side of their head don’t, so Ono our egret is the keenest of sight.
Ford Riley[1]

Egrets are a species of animal native to the Pride Lands.


In The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar

Early in the film, Ono and his flock can be seen resting on the savanna. However, Bunga and Kion charge past, scattering them.

Not long after this, Kion is tasked with selecting animals to join the Lion Guard, and he goes to find Ono, who is hunting insects in a field. He offers Ono a job on the Guard as the keenest of sight, and Ono accepts. During the final battle, he helps the Lion Guard from above.

In The Lion Guard

In "Bunga the Wise"

An egret can be seen waiting in line to receive advice from Bunga the Wise.

In "Fuli's New Family"

Ono invites Fuli to eat with him, but Fuli is dismayed when she sees Ono's flock eating insects that elephants kick up.

In "Follow That Hippo!"

Egrets can be seen flying during "Hero Inside".

In "The Call of the Drongo"

As Kion surveys the Pride Lands, a flock of egrets flies past.

Notable Egrets

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