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Ndona Pride

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Sarabi (sister)
Naanda (sister)
Diku (sister)
Nala (niece)
Simba (nephew)



Dwala is a lioness. She is the sister of Sarabi, and the aunt of Simba and Nala


King of the Jungle

January 1990 version

In this early version of the film, Dwala and her sisters hunt and take down a zebra while Mufasa, Zazu, Simba, and Nala watch. Later, as young Simba and Nala are playing amongst the lionesses during the night, they bump into Dwala, who playfully snarls and swats the cubs with her tail. After Scar kills Mufasa, Dwala and Diku attempt to calm Scar down as Sarabi attacks Baasho. When Simba returns and defeats Scar, the lionesses look down on Banagi and Baasho before Simba decides to banish them to the desert.

May 1990 version

In this later version of the script, Dwala sits alongside her sisters and Simba as Mufasa watches a fire raging near the border of their lands. When all options fail, Mufasa gives a signal to Sarabi to run, and the lionesses and the animals of the kingdom flee. Later, when Simba and Nala are adolescents, Dwala is implied to be hunting with the lionesses. After Simba's journey with Mufasa ends and the lions return to Pride Rock, she and Diku try to persuade Mufasa into staying there for the night. Soon after, she and the lionesses gather to see Mufasa challenge Scar in a duel at the fire tree bridge, which ends with Mufasa's death.

When Sarabi scolds Nala for standing up to Scar, Dwala asks Sarabi if giving in to Scar is a better option. When Nala decides to form a false interest in Scar in order to turn him against the hyenas, Dwala tells Nala not to attempt such a plan. After Simba returns and defeats Scar, the lionesses look on with tears in their eyes. Finally, Dwala stretches alongside her sisters and Nala like "Egyptian goddesses" across the kopje, watching the herds graze, fully healthy again.

Personality and traits

Though Dwala's personality is not explored, she is shown to be much more childlike than her sisters.

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