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Hair color

Black, brown, and cream

Eye color


Biographical information
Also known as

   Jackal pup (by Simba)
   Kiddie (by Goigoi and Reirei)
   Little jackal pup (by Ono)
   Sugar (by Reirei)




   Pride Lands (briefly)


   Reirei's pack
   Army of Scar (formerly)
   Pride Landers (briefly)

Relationship information

Goigoi (father)
Reirei (mother)
Unnamed brothers
Kijana (sister)


Dogo's brothers, Goigoi, Kijana, Reirei, Scar


Beshte, Bunga, Cheezi, Chungu, Fuli, Hamu, Janja, Kion, Nne, Ono, Shujaa, Simba, Tano

I really fooled the Lion Guard, didn't I?

Dogo is a male jackal. He is a member of Reirei's pack. He is the son of Goigoi and Reirei, and the brother of Kijana and unnamed male pups.

As per Reirei's instructions, Dogo intruded on the territory of Janja and his clan. As he was being chased out, the Lion Guard intervened and saved him, after which they invited him to move into the Pride Lands. Once in the kingdom, Dogo nefariously invited the rest of his family to move in with him, and the Lion Guard reluctantly agreed. However, when the jackals attacked the Kupatana celebration, Simba personally exiled them back to the Outlands.

Later, Dogo and his family aided Scar in the final battle between the Outlanders and the Pride Landers.


Early life

Dogo was born to Goigoi and Reirei. He had many brothers and one sister, Kijana. Along with his pack, he lived in the Outlands.[1][2]


I've heard about Kupatana. But I've never seen it! I can't wait!

The Lion Guard saves Dogo from Janja and his clan.

Under the instruction of his mother Reirei, Dogo got himself chased by Janja and his clan. Just in time, the Lion Guard came to his aid, and Dogo begged to come to the Pride Lands with them. Seeing as he was all alone, Kion agreed, and Dogo gave a happy yip of excitement. Unbeknownst to the Lion Guard, Dogo's yips served as a signal to Reirei, who led her family into the Pride Lands after Dogo.

Once in the Pride Lands, Dogo was left on a hillside by the Lion Guard, where he encountered his parents. Reirei praised her son for his quick thinking but gently chided him for listening to the Lion Guard. Shortly after this, Dogo and his brothers invaded a series of aardvark warrens and were confronted by Kion, who accused Dogo of having claimed to have no family. Dogo replied that he had simply said he was alone, and Reirei begged the Lion Guard to let her stay with her son. Begrudgingly, Kion agreed.

Bunga defeats Dogo.

With the Lion Guard gone, Reirei taught Dogo and his brothers how to act like jackals. In doing so, the jackals got in trouble with a group of Pride Landers, who did not appreciate thievery. Kion approached the jackals, but Reirei once more got her and her family out of trouble. She even convinced Kion to let them attend Kupatana.

At Kupatana, Dogo joined his family in attacking the Pride Landers but was stopped by Bunga, who declared that the little jackal was not cute anymore. Simba himself approached and roared, scaring Reirei into leading her family back into the Outlands.[1]

Attack on Bunga's charges

You can't get away from us that easy. We've been practicing.

Dogo tricks Hamu into trusting him.

Reirei and her family plotted to attack a herd of zebras. Nearby, Kion picked up the pack's scent, and the Lion Guard rushed to rescue the zebras from their attackers. Too late, the pack struck, and Dogo and his sister, Kijana, managed to isolate a young zebra named Hamu from the rest of the herd. Ono spotted the double attack, and Kion ordered Bunga and Ono to save Hamu while he, Beshte, and Fuli rescued the remainder of the herd.

Meanwhile, Kijana hid in the brush while Dogo tricked Hamu into stopping for a game of tag. Just in time, Ono warned Hamu of the trap, and Bunga tackled Kijana to the ground. Dogo made a last attempt on Hamu's life, but Bunga yelled at Hamu to kick Dogo, and the colt followed through on Bunga's advice, successfully fending off Dogo.

Dogo and Kijana practice their hunting skills by using their father, Goigoi, as a makeshift target.

At the same time, Kion stopped Reirei from harming the rest of the herd, and Muhimu realized that she had lost her son, Hamu, in the panic. Hamu promptly arrived alongside Bunga, who deposited Dogo and Kijana at their mother's paws. Reirei tried to blame Hamu for harming Dogo, but Kion exiled her back to the Outlands, and the jackals took off for home.

In the Outlands, Reirei trained Dogo and Kijana to hunt using their father, Goigoi, as a makeshift target. The pups did so well that Reirei decided to return to the Pride Lands. Kijana worried about the Lion Guard, but Reirei asserted that she would come up with a plan to keep the Lion Guard from interfering with their hunt. Once in the Pride Lands, Reirei and her pack overheard Muhimu and Twiga discussing Bunga's babysitting duties at Hakuna Matata Falls. Elated, Reirei decided to attack the little ones while they were separated from their parents and ordered Goigoi to think up a way to distract the Lion Guard and keep them away from the falls.

The jackals are defeated by Bunga and his charges.

Meanwhile, the jackals attacked Bunga and his charges, with Reirei taking on Bunga while Dogo and the rest of her pups attacked the young animals. In the midst of the fight, Bunga yelled encouragement to the young animals, reminding them to "teke," "ruka," and "teleza" in order to fend off the jackals. The plan worked, and the jackals were defeated.

Just then, the Lion Guard arrived and stared in consternation at the defeated jackals and the triumphant young animals. Reirei piped up, complaining to Kion that she and her children had been severely abused, but Kion only agreed to let her go if she promised to never harm another young Pride Lander. Reirei delivered her promise, and the jackals took off for the Outlands once more.[2]

Battle for the Pride Lands

Dogo and his siblings defended the Outlands from the attacking Pride Landers during the final battle of Scar's army. However, they were stopped by Shujaa, who threw a rock at them. After the battle, Jasiri was named the queen of the Outlands, and the jackals submitted to her authority.[3]

Physical appearance

Being only a pup, Dogo is small and slight, with a light brown pelt and a tan muzzle, paws, and underbelly. A thick black stripe runs down his back, ending in a short tuft on his head, and his tail is tipped with black. He stands out from the rest of his brothers because of his blue eyes and the spots on his shoulders.[1]

Personality and traits

Despite his fluffy exterior, Dogo is cunning and deceptive. Like his mother Reirei, he uses his looks to his advantage, often pretending to be innocent in order to trick and take advantage of other animals.[1] He is ruthless and vicious in a fight, and shows exceptional skill as a hunter.[2]



  • Dogo's name means "small" in Swahili.[5]


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