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Ndona Pride

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Dwala (sister)
Naanda (sister)
Sarabi (sister)
Nala (niece)
Simba (nephew)



Get out of there, Simba. We're trying to hunt!
―Diku to Simba[src]

Diku is a lioness. She is the sister of Sarabi, and the aunt of Simba and Nala.


King of the Jungle

January 1990 version

In this early version of the film, Mufasa, Zazu, Simba, and Nala watch as the lionesses hunt down a zebra. Along with Diku and Dwala, the lionesses successfully pin down their prey. Some time later, Diku scolds an adolescent Simba when he ruins one of their hunts. Not long after this, Scar attacks Sarabi, and her sisters inform Mufasa about the attack. After Banagi talks Scar into becoming king, Scar and his hyena allies march to Pride Rock and overwhelm Mufasa, who charges at them while the lionesses look on helplessly. Scar takes the throne and sends Baasho to kill Simba. When the hyena comes back with Simba's tail in his teeth, Sarabi angrily tries to attack him, but Naanda soothes her, and Diku and Dwala try to hide their anger from Scar. During Scar's reign, the lionesses are harassed by the hyenas to continue hunting despite the shortage of food. When Simba returns and defeats Scar, the lionesses look down on Banagi and Baasho before Simba decides to banish them to the desert.

May 1990 version

In this later version of the script, Diku sits alongside her sisters and Simba as Mufasa watches a fire raging near the border of their lands. When all options fail, Mufasa gives a signal to Sarabi to run, and the lionesses and the animals of the kingdom flee. Later, when Simba and Nala are adolescents, Diku is implied to be hunting with the other lionesses. Soon after, she and the lionesses gather to see Mufasa challenge Scar to a duel at the fire tree bridge. After Mufasa loses and dies, Scar and the hyenas ascend to power with Simba running away into exile.

Later, while at a water hole, Diku tells a frustrated Nala that it is "simply delicious" how she stands up for herself against Scar. Nala then decides to form a false interest in Scar in order to turn him against the hyenas, and it's implied that Diku disapproves of this idea. After Simba returns and defeats Scar and the hyenas, the lionesses look on with tears in their eyes. Finally, Diku stretches out along with her sisters and niece like "Egyptian goddesses" across the kopje, watching the herds graze, fully healthy again.

Personality and traits

Like her sisters, Diku seems to be passive and doesn't stand up for herself when Scar takes the pride, though she does congratulate her sister for standing up to Scar.

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