Dhahabu's herd
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The Lion Guard

Dhahabu's herd is a herd of zebras. They are led by Dhahabu.


The Lion Guard

"The Golden Zebra"

Dhahabu's herd first appears when the Lion Guard approach them about sharing their watering hole with the Pride Landers during the dry season.

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The herd sings "Fabulous Dhahabu", during which they fawn over their leader, Dhahabu

The group is very receptive to the idea of sharing, but their leader, Dhahabu, insists that the Guard bring them a tomboa plant in exchange. When the Guard succeeds, Dhahabu is forced to admit that the watering hole has gone dry, which dismays both the Guard and her herd. The herd later forgives Dhahabu, however, after she and the Guard free the trapped water and restore the watering hole. They later welcome various Pride Lander herds to the grove.

"The Queen's Visit"

The herd accompanies Dhahabu to Pride Rock to discuss a water treaty with Simba.

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