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Dealer's Choice Cut
Dealer's Choice Cut
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Brad Neave


Nicholas Hollander

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The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa





Air date

May 14, 1999

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"Steel Hog"


"Space Ham"

You need bugs to bet with in this game, that's the first rule of Jungle Poker. The second rule is you gotta know the rules.

"Dealer's Choice Cut" is the second segment of the twentieth episode of Season 3 of The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa. It aired on May 14, 1999, alongside "Steel Hog".

Official synopsis

"During a game of poker, Pumbaa is put up as a bid and won by a meat-producing businessman."[1]

Plot summary

Pumbaa sees Timon preparing to play a game of Jungle Poker with some other animals. Pumbaa also wants to play Poker, but Timon tells him that the game requires bugs. The meerkat then tries to teach his friend how to play Poker, but Pumbaa fails to understand the rules. Therefore, Timon tells him that he can’t join the group.

Timon playing Poker with some other jungle animals

Later that night, Timon is about to play Poker with a giraffe, whose name is Stretch, a parrot, and a vulture. Pumbaa then shows up with a cricket, believing that it would help him become part of the game, but Timon tells him that catching one bug is not enough and suggests that he should just watch them play.

Farmer Joe leaving with Pumbaa

A man soon shows up and shows Timon that he has some bugs and because of that, Pumbaa is now accepted in the game. Minutes pass by and the giraffe, the parrot, and the vulture are done playing, leaving the game to be just between Timon and the man. When Timon runs out of bugs, the man wagers Pumbaa if he wins the Poker hand. So Timon decides to put Pumbaa up for bid against the man. But then the man beats Timon at the game and as a result, he decides to leave with Pumbaa.

The man’s name is soon revealed to be Farmer Joe and it turns out that he owns a business called Farmer Joe's Smoked Meat and Pork Sausage, which means that he is about to make Pumbaa into someone’s lunch. Timon tries to convince Pumbaa to not go with Farmer Joe, but the warthog says that he should do so according to the rules of Poker.

Timon tries to save Pumbaa from being made into someone's lunch

Timon follows Pumbaa and Joe to the meat producing business and when he gets there, he sees his friend about to get roasted and tries to make him escape, but Pumbaa keeps sticking to the rules he learned during Poker. The warthog then presumably gets roasted. The scene switches to a family having dinner. It is shown that they are actually eating the rule book, which means that it was the book that got cooked instead of Pumbaa.

The scene switches to Timon, who is lying on the ground depressed about his loss of his friend. But then he sees that Pumbaa is alive, making him rejoice over not being made into someone’s lunch. Pumbaa tells his friend that this was due to him eventually coming to his senses and the duo decides to go hunt for bugs.



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