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Rafiki: Dalila! What has happened here?
Dalila: We have no water, Rafiki. Everything has dried up.
—Dalila and Rafiki about Grass Walls

Dalila is a female baboon. She is a member of Jelani's troop.



Dalila is a baboon who lived during the reign of Jelani. Before Jelani rose to power, she lived under the leadership of Khalfani.

The Lion King: Six New Adventures

Follow the Leader

Rafiki: Tell me about Jelani. How long has he been the leader?
Dalila: A long time, ever since Khalfani was killed by a leopard.
Rafiki: Khalfani was a wise leader.
Dalila: Indeed he was.
—Dalila and Rafiki

When Rafiki journeys to Grass Walls, he finds that it is no longer the lush place he remembers. Upon reaching the Great Pond, he finds Dalila washing her baby's hands in a meager pool of water. He asks her what has happened, and she tells him that everything has dried up. After finding out from the other baboons that Jelani is their current leader, he asks Dalila to take him to Jelani. The mother baboon leads Rafiki through the parched landscape with her baby swinging beneath her.

Along the way, Rafiki asks Dalila questions about Jelani. She tells him that the young baboon has been leader of the troop since the death of Khalfani, their old leader. Both baboons solemnly remember the wisdom and kindness of the old leader. After meeting up with Karibu, Rafiki's cousin, Dalila leads Rafiki to Jelani, who is resting underneath a tree. While Rafiki confronts the young leader, Dalila stands off to the side with Karibu and Simba.

After Rafiki seizes hold of the troop, he takes them on a journey across the desert in search of a new home. Along the way, Dalila complains that she is weak from lack of food, but Rafiki pushes her to keep going. Not long after this, a leopard jumps on Dalila's back and seizes Mosi in his jaws. As the leopard carries the baby baboon away, Dalila cries out for her son. Simba jumps into action and promptly saves Mosi from the leopard. Dalila does not make an appearance after this, though it can be assumed that she makes her home in a lush jungle with the rest of the troop.

Physical appearance

While Dalila's appearance is unknown, due to the poor living conditions of her homeland, she is presumably quite thin and weak.

Personality and traits

Dalila: Can't we take a rest? I'm weak from no food.
Rafiki: We must keep going. We have far to travel today.
—Dalila and Rafiki
Dalila is a strong and loyal friend of Rafiki's. Her gentle and motherly nature is evident throughout the story, perhaps even more so when she is forced to be strong for her friends. She cares very deeply for her son and is very protective of him, being mainly perceived as a good and stout-hearted mother who watches out for the well-being of her child.


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