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Pride Landers

Congo is a male elephant calf.



Congo is an elephant calf who lived during Scar's reign. Due to the poor conditions of the Pride Lands, he left to live in the jungle.

Operation Pridelands


Congo fights Pumbaa

Before meeting Congo, Timon worries that he'll be squashed by the young elephant, and Pumbaa attempts to comfort him by telling jokes. When the friends at last meet Congo, the young elephant refuses to return to the Pride Lands. Timon threatens to remove Congo by force, and Congo laughs, doubting Timon's claim that Pumbaa is stronger than him. He then challenges Pumbaa to a fight, promising to think about returning to the Pride Lands if the warthog wins.

The two fight, and Pumbaa wins the match. An impressed Congo proclaims that he hasn't had so much fun in a long time and promises to "pack up his trunks" and return to the Pride Lands. When Timon questions him, Congo explains that he plans to bring a few tree trunks with him.

Congo appears at the celebratory bonfire, dancing alongside his friends.

Physical appearance

Despite only being a calf, Congo is considerably broad and robust, with a strong physique and impressive fighting skills. His hide is pale gray in color, though his underbelly is pale, and his eyes are black.

Personality and traits

Congo is notorious for his grumpy attitude. He can be very aggressive and likes to settle arguments through fighting.


  • The Congo River is a river in Africa.[1]


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