Clouded leopards
Yun Mibu.png
Physical characteristics
Hair color

Brown, cream, and white

Eye color



Spots and stripes

Sociocultural characteristics


Notable members

Yun Mibu

Just remember to never growl at a clouded leopard. We don't like it.
Yun Mibu to Kion[src]

Clouded leopards are a species of animal.

Physical characteristics

Clouded leopards are long-bodied, sleek cats. They are slightly smaller than regular leopards. Their fur is brown, with cream patches and dark stripes. Their eyes can be brown.

Sociocultural characteristics

Clouded leopards are known for their strong hind legs, which can allow them to hang from tree branches or rocks. According to Yun Mibu, clouded leopards do not like being growled at.

Known members


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