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I want to get my own back on that young lion cub and his friends.
―Claws to Harak

Claws is a male eagle.


The Elephant's Graveyard

I'll be back. And next time, I'll have you for supper!
―Claws swears revenge on Simba
After meeting and befriending Belee, a young elephant who has lost her herd, Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa agree to help her find her family. But while they are resting in the jungle, Claws attempts to carry Timon away in his talons. His plan is foiled when Simba leaps at him and releases Timon from the eagle's grasp. As Claws flies away, he swears revenge on Simba.

Claws attempts to kill Timon

Later, after Simba and his friends journey to an elephant graveyard with Belee's herd, Harak notices Claws hovering over the herd. After realizing that he has been spotted, Claws admits to Harak that he wants revenge on Simba. Harak, who is jealous of his sister, makes an alliance with Claws, in order to get rid of both Belee and Simba.


Claws plots with Harak

Not long after this, Simba is playing hide-and-seek with his friends when he sees Harak talking to Claws. Suspicious, he creeps closer and overhears them formulating a plan to kill Belee. While Claws distracts the herd, Harak will lead Belee away and trap her in a cage of bones. Ashtaa will never find her again and Harak will once more have his mother's love.

Simba, fearful for Belee's life, tries to escape, but accidentally rattles some bones as he runs away. Harak orders Claws to get Simba and the eagle gladly complies. After trapping Simba in a rib cage, he tells the cub that he'll be back after Harak's sister is dealt with. He then flies away to help play his part in the plan.

As the plan goes underway, Claws swoops down on the elephants to create a diversion. He spots Darann, a dying old elephant, and chooses her as his main target. The plan is successful up until Simba and his friends arrive and thwart Harak's plot to trap Belee. As an unsuspecting Belee tries to save her brother from Simba, a pile of bones falls down on top of her and scares Claws away.

Physical appearance

Claws has the ordinary eagle appearance. His feathers are brown, his head and wing-tips are white, and his eyes are red. He is considerably large for an eagle of his kind.

Personality and traits

Harak: Get that lion cub!
Claws: My pleasure!
—Claws and Harak about Simba
Claws is a typical antagonist. Cunning, vengeful, and heartless, he is set on killing Simba after the young lion cub keeps him from catching Timon. His cruelty and malice are especially evident when he continuously taunts his prey before killing it. Though his role in the book is not of much importance, he is a steady and thorough character, as well as a daunting villain.



We have a deal. I cannot wait to feed on the carcass of that young lion!
―Claws makes an alliance with Harak
You can stay there until we've dealt with Harak's sister, and then, young lion cub, I shall have you for breakfast!
―Claws to Simba


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