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Black, blue, and white

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Relationship information

Ibo (brother)
Dibo, Gibo, Kibo, and Zibo (sisters)

Cibo is a female hornbill.


Greedy is as Greedy Does

Cibo: Ibo! I'm so happy!
Banzai: Me too. But I was thinking you'd be a little bigger!
—Banzai and Cibo after Ibo reunites with his sister[src]

When Ibo loses his flock, he runs into three hyenas: Banzai, Ed, and Shenzi. He asks the hyenas to help him find his sister, and the three agree, in hopes that they will make a meal out of both tiny birds. After traveling long and far, Ibo finds his sister, who embraces him lovingly. Upon meeting Cibo, the hyenas are disappointed in her size. But Cibo tells the trio that they have an even bigger sister, named Kibo. The hyenas follow the two hornbills through the forest, while Cibo tells them about all their other sisters, Dibo, Gibo, and Zibo. Upon reaching her family, Cibo tells the hyenas that they also have many other relatives, such as their parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins. A bit overwhelmed by the flock of hornbills, the hyenas push Cibo and Ibo into the flock and flee from the scene.

Physical appearance

Banzai: Big sister? And how big is she?
Ibo: Very big!
Banzai and Ibo about Cibo[src]

Cibo has the ordinary hornbill appearance. Because of her size in comparison to her brother, it can be said that she is an adolescent.

Personality and traits

Ed: So, where is your sister?
Ibo: Trees! Forest! Cibo loves the woods!
Ed and Ibo about Cibo[src]

Cibo's personality is not explored, but since she readily trusts the three hyenas, it can be assumed that she is somewhat foolish and ignorant.

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