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"Do you see any other big, lovable chunk of warthog here?"
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Black, orange, and tan

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Pride Lands


Pride Landers

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Mohatu, Zebra

Zebra: I'm truly sorry, Cheetah. I never should have kicked you.
Cheetah: I forgive you, Zebra.
—Cheetah and Zebra[src]

Cheetah is a male cheetah.

When a drought struck the Pride Lands, Mohatu left the kingdom in search of a new water source. Eventually, he found a lush jungle, which he informed the Pride Landers about. In their haste to reach the new water source, they stampeded toward the jungle, and Zebra kicked Cheetah in the chest, causing him to fall behind the others. Afterward, Zebra apologized to Cheetah, who forgave him. On the way home to the Pride Lands, Cheetah rode on Zebra's back.


Early life

Cheetah lived in the Pride Lands. He, along with the other Pride Landers, suffered during a severe drought.[1]


Cheetah is kicked in the chest by Zebra.

After finding a new water source, the Great River, Mohatu shared its location with his subjects. Blinded by greed and thirst, the Pride Landers rushed across the desert in a race to reach the water first. As the race became more gruesome, Cheetah zipped ahead of the other animals. However, when his stamina was unable to sustain him any longer, Zebra cut ahead of him and kicked him in the chest. Cheetah stumbled, and the other animals ran him over in their haste to reach the Great River.

Later, after the animals had reached the Great River, Mohatu arrived, carrying Cheetah on his back. After getting Crocodile to save Zebra from quicksand, Mohatu reminded Zebra that he owed Cheetah an apology. Zebra apologized to Cheetah, and Cheetah accepted his apology. The two animals drank from the river, after which Cheetah climbed onto Zebra's back for the ride home.[1]

Physical appearance

Cheetah is a small, thin, and lanky cheetah. He has bright orange fur that is dotted with small black spots, as well as a pale muzzle and underbelly. His eyes are green.[1]

Personality and traits

Cheetah is incredibly fast, though he does not have good stamina. He is somewhat shy and meek, but is able to forgive easily, as seen when he graciously accepted Zebra's apology for kicking him.[1]



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