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Paint me next!
―Che Mlanda to Mulungu

Che Mlanda is a male bird.

When the god Mulungu agrees to paint the birds different colors, Che Mlanda flits impatiently about the god, demanding to be painted next. Eventually, Mulungu loses patience and paints Che Mlanda a dull brown. To this day, Che Mlanda flits about the savanna, demanding to be painted next.


How the Birds got their Colours

At the dawn of the world, all birds were snow-white in color and craved to be as colorful as the flowers. Collectively, they prayed to the god Mulungu, who agreed to paint them in varying shades of color. While all the birds lined up before him and waited their turn to be painted, Che Mlanda impatiently flitted to the front of the queue and demanded to be painted next.

At first, Mulungu patiently told Che Mlanda to wait his turn, but every so often, Che Mlanda would beg to be painted next, fraying the god's patience. At last, Mulungu lost patience and took Che Mlanda on his knee, painting him a dull brown. He then released the bird to the air and told him to stop disrupting his work, for he now had his plumage.

To this day, Che Mlanda is drab compared to the other birds of Africa, and he has not learned his lesson, for he still flies about, shouting, "Paint me next!"

Physical appearance

Che Mlanda is described as being a small bird. Initially, his feathers are white, but after an encounter with Mulungu, he is painted a drab brown. It is noted that he looks dull compared to the other birds of Africa.

Personality and traits

Known for his impatience, Che Mlanda often angers the other birds, for he is disruptive and incapable of keeping quiet or still. He finds it difficult to wait his turn or take instruction, as he defies the wishes of Mulungu to wait his turn to be painted. Even after being punished by the god for his impertinence, Che Mlanda does not learn his lesson and continues to act as rudely as before.


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