Calf in Danger
Calf in Danger 1
Publication information

The United Kingdom


Panini Comics


The Lion Guard Magazine


August 2016



Calf: I knew I was safe with them!
Mother: That's right! We're all safe when the Lion Guard's around!
—Gazelles on the Lion Guard

Calf in Danger is a comic inspired by The Lion Guard. It was published by Panini Comics in August of 2016.



The Lion Guard is patrolling the Pride Lands when a panicked gazelle approaches and pleads for their help in finding her calf. Beshte questions where the calf might have gone, and the gazelle answers that he likely wandered straight into the Outlands.

At the border of the Pride Lands and the Outlands, Ono suggests that the team split up to cover more ground. While Kion forges in one direction with Beshte and Ono, Bunga and Fuli decide to take another path.

At this point in the comic, the reader can either choose to follow Kion's team or Fuli's. The comic ends differently depending on which route the reader chooses.

Fuli's Team

In the middle of Bunga and Fuli's search, Bunga blows into a hollow log, startling Fuli. Disgruntled, Fuli commands Bunga to keep alert for danger, and he reluctantly complies, spotting Mzingo and his flock circling the gazelle's lost calf. Bunga suggests that they run down and scare off the birds, but Fuli points out that they have no time. She then tells Bunga to find a hollow log to blow into, and Bunga advises her to cover her ears.

When Bunga blows into the log, Mzingo and his flock flee in terror, leaving the lost calf behind. With the vultures gone, Bunga and Fuli approach the calf, who asks where his mother is, and the two promise to lead him to her.

Kion's Team

While searching through a grove of fruit trees, Beshte accidentally sends one of the fruits flying at Kion's head. Just in time, the cub ducks, and Ono lectures Beshte for nearly hitting Kion with such a hard fruit. Beshte praises Kion for his quick reflexes, to which Kion reveals that his dodging the fruit has led him to a trail of hoof prints.

The team follows the prints until they find the lost calf being chased by Reirei and Goigoi. Thinking quickly, the Lion Guard uses the fruit trees to launch fruit at the jackals, who scatter and flee in a panic.


The Lion Guard returns to the mother gazelle, who has a delighted reunion with her calf. She asks her son if he had been afraid, and he replies that he had been frightened until the Lion Guard had arrived. The mother gazelle replies that all are safe when the Lion Guard is around, and Bunga jokingly replies that they should leave before they get hired as babysitters.

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