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Bunga the Wise (book)
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Disney Press


January 19, 2016



Bunga the Wise is a book inspired by The Lion Guard. It was published by Disney Press on January 19, 2016.


Bunga the Wise begins by introducing Kion, the prince of the Pride Lands, and his four friends, Beshte, Bunga, Fuli, and Ono. At the start of the book, the Lion Guard is attempting to help a family of baboons out of a tree, but the baboons refuse to come down. Under Kion's orders, Bunga climbs up into the tree and scares the baboons to safety.

After the rescue, Kion speaks to Mufasa, proposing that he blow the big storms away with the Roar of the Elders. Mufasa, however, warns his grandson that the easy solution is not always the best solution, and he reminds Kion that the rains are part of the Circle of Life.

No sooner has Kion finished his conversation when the savanna begins to flood, and the Lion Guard realizes that Lake Kiziwa is flooding. Thinking fast, Bunga tells Beshte to push rocks into the way of the flood, and Bunga uses a stick to fill in the cracks. Though the plan works, Kion is unsure as to whether this "easy" solution will do the trick.

Suddenly, Rafiki arrives and starts to compliment honey badgers on their intelligence, but Bunga leaves before Rafiki finishes, in which he says, "Honey badgers are the smartest when they think first."

Shortly after Rafiki's statement, the Lion Guard stumbles across a line of animals waiting to meet "Bunga the Wise", the new sage of the Pride Lands. Horrified, Kion confronts Bunga, who simply says that he's helping animals by telling them what to do. Though Beshte agrees that Bunga has had some good ideas in the past, Fuli grows suspicious of the honey badger's sage-like position.

Soon, the whole Lion Guard begins to worry for Bunga, as they find animals all over the Pride Lands taking Bunga's bad advice, including an ostrich and a herd of bushbuck. Just as Kion confronts Bunga, urging him to stop, the dam breaks, and the animals flee for their lives.

With Kion in the lead, the animals flee into a canyon, but when they find themselves trapped, Bunga doesn't know what to do, and he points to Kion for leadership. Thinking fast, Kion orders all the animals to get behind him, and when the waves come bearing down the canyon, he roars, blowing them away. With the flood abated, the animals of the Pride Lands are saved, and Rafiki tells Bunga that honey badgers are the smartest, but only when they think first.


  • This book was previously titled Bunga's Big Adventure.[1]



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