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Sable antelope

Hair color

Brown, gray, and white

Eye color


Distinguishing features

Cream-colored markings

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Pride Lands


   Bupu's herd
   Pride Landers

Relationship information

Unnamed son


Beshte, Boboka's son, Bunga, Bupu, Fuli, Kifaru, Kion, Laini, Ma Tembo, Makuu, Mbeya, Mtoto's mother, Ono, Simba, Zito


Scar, Shupavu, Ushari, Cheezi (formerly), Chungu (formerly), Janja (formerly), Kiburi (formerly), Mzingo (formerly), Nne (formerly), Reirei (formerly), Tano (formerly)

It might be nice to get the young ones out of the water, Bupu.

Boboka is a female sable antelope. She is a member of Bupu's herd.

When the Pride Lands suffered from severe rainstorms, Boboka and her herd followed the Lion Guard to drier ground. She and her son attempted to cross the Flood Plains, but got caught in a storm and nearly drowned. They were saved just in time by Kion and Ono, who led them back to safety and dry ground.

Later, when the spirit of Scar gathered an army against the Pride Lands, Boboka joined her fellow Pride Landers in fighting them off and eventually defeating them altogether with an invasion of the Outlands.


Early life

Boboka lived in the Pride Lands. She was a member of Bupu's herd. At some point in her life, she took a mate, with whom she had a son.[1]

Flooded grazing ground

There you are! Don't ever scare me like that again.
―Boboka reunites with her son[src]

A series of storms hit the Pride Lands, leaving the sable antelope's grazing ground flooded. Despite the knee-deep water, the antelope remained in their territory until the Lion Guard arrived to lead them to safety. At first, Bupu refused the offer to be led to drier ground, but, at some insistence from Boboka, he relented.

Boboka convinces Bupu to heed the Lion Guard's warning.

The herd followed the Lion Guard up a cliff, but the two groups got separated when a pile of boulders fell in-between them. Kion worried over the herd's condition, but Ono reassured him that none of the antelope were injured. He then warned Kion that there was no other way around the rocks and that the storm was closing in fast.

In the face of this new setback, Bunga pointed out that Kion could still use the Roar of the Elders to blow the rocks away. Kion agreed to the idea and climbed to the other side of the rocks in order to avoid harming the antelope. After the boulders were cleared, the antelope continued to stay put. With some harsh insistence from Fuli, Bupu and his herd reluctantly followed after the Lion Guard until the group reached the edge of the Flood Plains.

Kion reunites Boboka with her son.

Boboka and her son entered the hippo lane first, but shortly afterward, Ono arrived with news that the lane was not safe to use. Bunga told Ono that Boboka and her son had already entered the Flood Plains, and Ono panicked that they would get lost in the reeds. Kion quickly took charge of the situation, entering the hippo lanes with Ono, while Bunga and Fuli stayed behind with the rest of the herd.

Ono led Kion to Boboka's son, who was struggling to stay afloat in the rising water. Kion pushed the calf to safety and questioned him on the location of his mother. No sooner had he spoken when the three heard Boboka calling for help, and Kion set off to rescue her, leaving Ono to lead the calf to safety. Eventually, Kion brought Boboka to her son, and they had a delighted reunion. The antelope then charged across the Flood Plains to safety.[1]

Conflict with Mzaha

When Mzaha temporarily rejoined Bupu's herd, he attempted to play tag with Boboka, but she ignored him. Later, Boboka watched Mzaha once more leave the herd.[2]

Tamaa's show

Boboka enjoyed a show put on by Tamaa the drongo in which he impersonated members of his audience.[3]


Boboka attended Simba's Kumbuka celebration at Pride Rock.[4]

Kilio Valley fire

When Ma Tembo's herd lost Kilio Valley to Scar's army, they temporarily lived with Boboka and her herd. However, they blew around so much dust that the sable antelope asked them to leave.[5]

Scar's attacks

Antelopes, together!

Boboka trains alongside her fellow Pride Landers.

Boboka, along with the rest of her herd, followed Ono to Nyani Grove and away from Scar's oncoming army.[6]

Later, the Lion Guard rushed to stop Bupu's herd and the galagos from stampeding. Once calm, the groups admitted to having been scared of a jackal attack, and the Lion Guard concluded that the Pride Landers had to unite against the threat of the Outlanders. They gathered together Bupu's herd, Laini's group, Ma Tembo's herd, and Mbeya's crash.

Boboka kicks Goigoi.

At first, the Pride Landers were tense, but Kion worked to defuse the tension. He instructed the animals to race toward Bunga. However, the event soon got out of hand, for the animals tripped over the galagos and ended up in a heap. Kion then got the idea to call Makuu the crocodile for help. Makuu begrudgingly agreed to help, but his training was too rigorous and ruthless for the other Pride Landers to master.

Scar's army besieged Makuu's float, with Kiburi targeting Makuu. Ono witnessed the battle and reported his findings to Kion. Together, the Lion Guard and their Pride Lander allies stormed the watering hole and fought off the army. After the fight, Makuu thanked Boboka and her herd for their help and vowed to return the favor should they ever find themselves in trouble.[7]

Boboka helps welcome Dhahabu to the Pride Lands.

Later, Boboka was present when Dhahabu arrived at Pride Rock to discuss a water treaty with Simba.[8]

One day, Rafiki and Simba announced Makini's mpando mpaya at Mizimu Grove. In the midst of the celebration, Scar's army attacked, and the Pride Landers rose up to defend themselves. The battle paused when Scar appeared in the flames and threatened to overtake the entirety of the Pride Lands. Frightened by Scar's unexpected appearance, the remaining Pride Landers, including Boboka and her herd, fled Mizimu Grove.

Boboka attacks Goigoi.

Simba approached the Pride Landers once the Lion Guard had calmed them and admitted that he had had knowledge of Scar's return for some time. The herds deliberated whether they should leave the Pride Lands, and Simba told them to inform him of their decision the following morning at Pride Rock.

At Pride Rock, Kion implored Bupu and his herd to follow him to Mizimu Grove before they decided to leave the kingdom. The herds followed Kion to Pride Rock, where Makini's baobab tree seed had survived the fire. This inspired the Pride Landers to remain in the kingdom and work together to defeat Scar.[9]

Battle for the Pride Lands

Pride Landers, unite!

Boboka trained at Pride Rock for the battle against Scar and his army. She witnessed Scar's appearance in the flames of Pride Rock. Later, she fought in the final battle, with a galago riding on her head.[10]

Lion Guard's trip to the Tree of Life

When the Lion Guard left the Pride Lands in search of the Tree of Life, Boboka travelled to Pride Rock to see them off.[10] When they returned, Boboka was seen grazing as Fuli and her friend Azaad raced across the Pride Lands. Later, she attended Beshte's and Bunga's individual competitions for the Battle of the Lion Guards.[11]

Physical appearance

Boboka is somewhat smaller than her fellow sable antelope. She is slender, with long legs, curved gray horns, and a round body. Her fur is brown, with patches of cream-colored fur on her chest, face, and muzzle. She has greenish-brown eyes.[1]

Personality and traits

I'm doing my best.
―Boboka, in response to Makuu's criticism[src]

Boboka is much less stubborn than her fellow sable antelope, as she was willing to listen to the Lion Guard despite Bupu's objections and tried her hardest during Makuu's training sessions.[7] She looks out for her calf and makes great efforts to protect him.[1] Additionally, she is brave and loyal, as she fought alongside her fellow Pride Landers against Scar.[10]



  • Boboka's name means "blabber" or "blurt out" or "talk indiscreetly" in Swahili.[13]


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