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The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa

Bestest Best Friend Day is a holiday celebrated by Timon and Pumbaa, during which they dedicate their friendship.



Bestest Best Friend Day is, as stated by Pumbaa, the "specialest day of the year" that is dedicated for bestest best friends like Timon and Pumbaa. On this day, each friend gives the other presents as well as having a feast.


The origin of the celebration is unknown. According to Timon, Pumbaa made up the holiday.


The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa

"Kenya Be My Friend?"

When Pumbaa wakes Timon up, he tells his friend that it's Bestest Best Friend Day and gives him a present, which a Mister Bug Juicer. While Timon is happy for his gift, he realizes that he forgot to give Pumbaa one since he forgot about the holiday. This leads to the two having an argument and then splitting up to find new best friends.

Timon and Pumbaa later reconcile and Timon continues to deny forgetting the holiday to avoid breaking Pumbaa's heart. He then offers his friend the Mister Bug Juicer he gave him, with Pumbaa finding it ironic how he got the exact same thing he gave Timon.

Bestest Best Friend Day Feast

Timon and Pumbaa's Bestest Best Friend Day feast

Timon and Pumbaa prepare for their Bestest Best Friend Day feast, but they cannot afford dinner. So Pumbaa sells their cow for three magic bugs. Timon, however, is unsatisfied with the bugs and tells his friend that he did not do a good job.

Later that night, while Timon and Pumbaa are asleep, the bugs create a huge beanstalk that sends the duo to the clouds, where they encounter a giant grasshopper, commenting that it would be perfect for the feast. However, the grasshopper attempts to eat Timon and Pumbaa. This later turns out to be a dream and when Timon wakes up, he sees that Pumbaa prepared the feast for Bestest Best Friend Day, much to his delight.

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