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This article is about the deleted reprise of "Be Prepared".
You may be looking for the 1994 version, the stage musical version, the 2019 version, or the Festival of The Lion King version.

Be Prepared (reprise)
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This version of "Be Prepared" is a reprise of the final song heard in The Lion King. It was cut from the film during production, but much like the finalized version, it is sung by Scar and the hyenas. In this version of the song, Scar is years into his reign and sings to the lionesses as they rebel against his decision to exile Nala for her refusal to become his queen and allows the hyenas into the Pride Lands as his executive staff.


It's time you were all introduced
To your ruler's executive staff
Perhaps not the kind you've been used to
But certainly game for a laugh

We'd like to assure you no fooling
Red meat is no longer our scene
And if now and then we're seen drooling
It's only an ancestor's gene!

So prepare for a glorious future!
Be prepared for the pride's golden age!

It's like any other
Who murdered a broth-

If we don't spread rumors
He'll feed us and room us!

With friends in high places,
We hold all the aces!

So don't try and rattle my cage

Oh, imagine if anyone dared!

Be prepared!

Oh, imagine if anyone dared!

Be prepared!


  • Despite being cut from the film, Scar's opening lyrics are used as a short reprise in the stage musical.[1]
  • At one point during production, this song took place during the scene in which Scar gives his eulogy to the pride. However, it was ultimately scrapped due to a lively musical number being deemed inappropriate so shortly after the death of Mufasa.[2]
  • The opening lyrics sung by the hyenas are different in this eulogy version of the reprise:[3]
"It's time you start thinking hyenas
As part of your daily routine.
Unless you'd prefer to be seen as
A part of hyena cuisine!"
  • A short reprise was written in which Scar tries to seduce Nala into being his queen. When she rejects him, he sings a longer reprise as he introduces the pride to his executive staff, the hyenas.[4]



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