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Battle for the Pride Lands (event)
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Event Information



   Dogo's brothers
   Ma Tembo
   Mtoto's mother


   Army of Scar is disbanded
   Jasiri becomes the queen of the Outlands
   Kion obtains his scar
   Ono damages his eyesight
   Scar's spirit is destroyed
   Ushari is killed


The Lion Guard

Pride Landers, unite!
Pride Landers[src]

The Battle for the Pride Lands is a physical conflict between the Army of Scar and the Pride Landers. It takes place in the Outlands. The Pride Landers emerge victorious, with Scar's spirit being destroyed permanently and the Army of Scar disbanding.



Janja informs Kion that he can destroy Scar's spirit with the Roar of the Elders.

During the dry season, after getting trampled upon and disrespected one too many times, Ushari goes into self-exile into the Outlands and plots with the hyenas to summon the spirit of Scar in order to eliminate the Lion Guard and take control of the Pride Lands. After stealing Makini's Bakora Staff and kidnapping Kiara, Janja confronts Kion at the volcano and threatens his family and friends, which causes the young lion to use the Roar of the Elders in anger, which starts a volcanic eruption. Although the Guard save themselves and Kiara from getting burned, Scar's ghost returns within the flames of the volcano, giving the hyenas a new spirit guide. Over time, many Outlanders join together into an army and engage in many battles against the Pride Landers to take down Simba and the Lion Guard, and destroy the Pride Lands.

After many battles with the Outlanders, Simba announces a siege on the Outlands in the hopes of eliminating Scar's army. Meanwhile, Janja begins to have doubts about serving Scar. The skinks overhear this and inform Scar, who comes up with a plan to ensure his victory. He tells Janja to go to the Lair of the Lion Guard to distract the Lion Guard while the plan unfolds. They do as commanded. However, Janja finds out that it was all a trap to get both his clan and the Lion Guard killed in a fire. Realizing he can't trust Scar's followers, he heads to the Outlands to find Jasiri. The Lion Guard and Janja's clan save themselves, while Anga and Hadithi help the royal family get down from Pride Rock safely.

Years into the battle with the Outlanders, the Lion Guard grow into adolescents.

After Scar's ghost appears at Pride Rock and threatens the Pride Landers, they resolve to end his threat once and for all. Jasiri arrives with Janja and implores the Pride Landers to trust him. Janja explains what Scar had told him about Kion's ability to defeat Scar once and for all. The Pride Landers then resolve to assault the Outlands and use Kion's Roar to neutralize Scar.

Back in the Outlands, Scar informs Ushari that he had lied to Janja, for if Kion uses the Roar in the volcano's caldera, he will start a massive eruption that will destroy the Pride Lands. He then explains that he had gotten his scar from a snake who'd been in cahoots with a rogue lion. The two had tried to hold the cure over Scar's head so that he would obey them, but in his rage, Scar had destroyed them with the Roar instead. He returned to Pride Rock, expecting to be praised by Mufasa for destroying the lion and snake, only for Mufasa to give him the nickname "Scar." Since then, he has resented Mufasa and the royal family ("When I Led the Guard"). He tells Ushari that it is now Kion's turn to obtain a scar.

The battle

The next morning, the Pride Landers assault the Outlands, giving the Lion Guard time to breach the volcano's inner chamber. After crashing through the skinks, the Guard confront Scar's spirit in the caldera. Under Scar's command, Ushari sneaks up on Kion and bites his eye, giving him a scar and injecting him with venom. Bunga quickly defends his friend, pinning Ushari down as Kion gets to his feet.

Kion receives the Mark of Evil.

Scar taunts Kion, asserting that Kion is now marked by evil and has the same destiny as Scar himself. Instead of giving in to his anger, Kion remembers his grandfather's advice on not fighting fire with fire. Instead of using the Roar, Kion summons the Great Kings of the Past, who judge Scar by sending down rain that melts him away. Before he is completely destroyed, Scar yells to Kion that the Roar is a curse and that they are the same. Appalled at Scar's failure, Ushari escapes Bunga's grip and heads toward Kion, but Bunga intercepts him, and the two roll into the lava pool. Ono saves Bunga from falling to his death, while Ushari falls into the lava.

After the fight, the Pride Landers celebrate their victory. Jasiri becomes the leader of the surviving Outlanders, with help from Janja and his clan. However, Ono mourns the loss of his sight due to too much exposure to smoke and volcanic fumes. Kion also suffers a loss of control over the Roar due to Ushari's venom. The rest of the Guard take Kion and Ono to Rafiki to get their injuries inspected.

The History of the Pride Lands

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