Bad Omens
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John Jackson Miller


Alexandra Fastovets


Julia Zhuravleva

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United States


Dark Horse Books


Wild Schemes and Catastrophes


June 4, 2019



This is a most serious matter. It can only mean one thing — you will step wrong today, my young prince — and the world itself will try to swallow you up!

Bad Omens is a comic inspired by The Lion King. It was published by Dark Horse Books on June 4, 2019, as part of Wild Schemes and Catastrophes.


One day in the Pride Lands, the animals of the kingdom have gathered to listen to one of Rafiki's stories. As Rafiki concludes his tale, he explains that the tree under which he tells his stories is called a Tree of Destiny, and that its branches point to both the past and future. Just then, a fierce rumbling begins, and the Tree of Destiny falls to the ground.

Horrified, Rafiki asserts that the limbs of the fallen tree are pointing at Simba. He warns the young cub that today, the world will try to swallow him and so thus must watch his step. Everyone immediately begins fussing over Simba, but he brushes them off and heads back to Pride Rock for a nap. When he wakes up, Nala informs him that the Pride Landers have banded together to protect him. They follow Simba around wherever he goes.

Finally, annoyed by all the fuss, Simba takes off, trying desperately to avoid the following Pride Landers. He runs right into Mufasa just as another nearby tree collapses. The animals, once they catch up, explain the whole fiasco. Mufasa admits that the epidemic of falling trees makes little sense.

Suddenly, the ground splits open, and Simba slips into the crack. At the last second, he is saved by Mufasa, who spots Shenzi, Azizi, and Kamari at the bottom of the crevice. Realizing that the hyenas were trying to burrow into the Pride Lands, Mufasa sends them off with a furious roar.

That evening, Simba tries to persuade Rafiki to admit that the "curse" was fake all along. Rafiki, however, asserts that he was correct in one way: the earth did try to swallow Simba, it just didn't succeed.


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