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Physical characteristics
Hair color

Brown, cream, gray, orange, pink, and tan

Eye color

Black, blue, brown, and green


Long tails

Sociocultural characteristics



Pride Lands


   Baobab blossoms



Notable members

   Baboon leader
   Baby baboon
   Baby baboon's mother
   Gumba's mother

Baboons! Always causing trouble. Baboons! Make that trouble double.

Baboons are a species of animal native to the Pride Lands. They feed on fruits and are preyed upon by hyenas, jackals, and vultures.

Physical characteristics

Baboons are medium-sized animals. They have powerful limbs, five-fingered hands, and long tails. Most baboons have ample fur on their heads, sometimes as a ruff and sometimes as a head tuft. Most baboons are brown or gray, with light-furred chests, muzzles, and paws. Baboons can have black, blue, brown, or green eyes.

Sociocultural characteristics

Baboons live in troops. In the Pride Lands, they are known to reside in Nyani Grove and Mapango Cliffs. Baboons feed on baobab blossoms and fruits. They are known to be preyed upon by hyenas, jackals, and vultures. Many baboons have excitable natures and are thus easily angered or impassioned. Additionally, they are known to play tricks, most notably Uroho and his show.


The Lion King

Baboons attend Simba's presentation. Later, Zazu mentions baboons in his morning report.

The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

Baboons attend Kiara's presentation. Later, they appear during the "We Are One" musical sequence. A pair of romantic baboons are seen briefly during the "Upendi" sequence. They also attend the union of the Outsiders and Pride Landers.

The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar

Fuli is chased by an angry troop of baboons, who are then stopped by Beshte. Fuli apologizes to the baboons for upsetting them, and they accept her apology before fainting.

The Lion Guard

"The Rise of Makuu"

When Makuu invades Big Springs, he causes many animals to be pushed out of their habitats, including the baboons. With their home invaded by another species, the baboons invade Pride Rock. In order to resolve the issue, Kion convinces Makuu to return Big Springs to the hippopotamuses. The baboons then return to their home.

"Bunga the Wise"

During a rainstorm, the baboon leader and his troop take shelter in a tree on the edge of a cliff. The Lion Guard begs the baboons to come down, but the baboon leader refuses to cooperate until the rains stop. Eventually, Kion grows so desperate that he sends Bunga up the tree to force the baboons down. Bunga passes gas, flushing the baboons out of the tree just before it collapses.

"The Kupatana Celebration"

During the "Jackal Style" musical sequence, one of Reirei's sons steals a berry from an unsuspecting baboon. Later, the baboons attend Kupatana. However, the jackals disrupt the ceremony by attacking the Pride Landers. Goigoi chases a baboon until he is stopped by Fuli. After the jackals are chased off, the baboons eat baobab blossoms with the other Pride Landers.

"Follow that Hippo!"

Cheezi chases Gumba

A baboon, among other Pride Landers, mistakes Mtoto and his friends for the hyenas. Kion arrives and asks where the hyena is, to which the baboon tells him it is in the grass. Kion then orders the hyena to show itself, only for Mtoto and his friends to emerge; this includes a young baboon named Gumba. The young animals explain that they had been playing "Lion Guard." They promise not to scare anyone again.

Later, when Beshte escorts Mtoto home, they pass two baboons grooming each other at a lake.

Mtoto and his friends meet up again and resume their game. They chase several hyraxes until they are interrupted by Janja, Cheezi, and Chungu, who attack. All escape except Mtoto. Gumba and his friends warn the Lion Guard, who rescue Mtoto from danger. After the hyenas are defeated, the young animals receive mud "marks of the Guard" from Kion.


The Lion Guard rescues a baby baboon from Mzingo's parliament as well as a flood. Fuli is then tasked to return the baby baboon to his family. She comes to the baboon troop at Nyani Grove only to realize that the baboon's family resides in Mapango Cliffs. She soon manages to reunite the baboon with his troop, who praise her after rescuing the infant from Mzingo's parliament.

"The Savannah Summit"

The baboon leader is invited by Simba to the Savannah Summit. He and some other animal leaders gather at Pride Rock, where Simba announces that Makuu, the untrustworthy crocodile leader, has also been invited. Together, the party proceeds to Mizimu Grove, with Simba and Zazu singing "Everyone Is Welcome", during which they stress the importance of equality and unity.

The baboon leader argues with Mbeya, the leader of the rhinoceroses

Later, the Lion Guard hears Zazu squawking for help, and they follow the noise to where Rafiki is attempting to paint a portrait of the baboon leader and Mbeya, the leader of the rhinoceroses, who is sitting atop Zazu. The Lion Guard demands an explanation, and Mbeya furiously explains that Zazu had called him clumsy. The baboon leader clarifies that it had been him who had called Mbeya clumsy and then accuses Mbeya of having bumped into him. Zazu yells for Mbeya to get off him, and the rhinoceros complies, much to Zazu's relief. The baboon leader and Mbeya start to bicker again, but Beshte steps in-between them and encourages them to get along with one another. The three then apologize to one another, and Rafiki laughs at the absurdity of the situation.

That evening, the baboon leader looks on as Makuu proclaims his innocence, claiming that he only wished to help his float by coming to the Summit, and negotiations are reengaged.

"The Traveling Baboon Show"

Uroho and his allies put on a show for the Pride Landers. However, they use it as a distraction so Mwevi and Mwizi can steal food. The Lion Guard uncovers their scheme and chases them to the Outlands. There, they are attacked by hyenas, but the Lion Guard saves them.

"The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar"

Ono informs Kion that the hyenas attacked the baboons. The Lion Guard arrives, and Kion uses the Roar of the Elders to blast the hyenas away. When the Guard questions the baboons, Ono explains that baboons always follow elephants to new sources of water during the dry season.

"Timon and Pumbaa's Christmas"

Fuli has no luck gathering berries, so she employs Uroho and his allies for help. When Uroho asks what she needs berries for, Fuli explains that they are putting on a show for some friends, which interests the baboons. Later, the troop participates in the "The Twelve Ways of Christmas" musical sequence.

"Beshte and the Beast"

When the Lion Guard tries to reach the Army of Scar, they decide to take a shortcut through Nyani Grove. Shujaa cuts a path through Nyani Grove, but creates destruction in his wake. The baboons panic, and Kion orders Fuli to calm them down.

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