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Baboon leader
Baboon leader
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Brown, gray, pink, and tan

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Large mane

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Pride Lands


   Baboon leader's troop
   Pride Landers


Leader of the baboon leader's troop

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Beshte, Bunga, Bupu, Fuli, Kion, Ma Tembo, Makuu, Mbeya, Ono, Rafiki, Simba, Twiga, Vuruga Vuruga, Zazu


Cheezi, Chungu, Janja, Nne, Tano

Now, whose turn is it to climb down and pick up all the throwing fruit?
―The baboon leader to his troop[src]

The baboon leader is a male baboon. He is the leader of a troop of baboons in the Pride Lands.


Early life

The baboon leader lived in the Pride Lands. He was the leader of a troop of baboons who were based in Nyani Grove.[1]

Dispute with Fuli

Apology accepted.
―The baboon leader to Fuli[src]

The baboon leader and his followers chased Fuli after she told them that they looked funny when they scratched their heads. In the midst of the chase, Beshte threw himself in front of them, halting their pursuit. Fuli then apologized to the baboons, and the baboon leader accepted her apology before fainting alongside the rest of his troop.[2]

Saved by the Lion Guard

We're dry up here. Whoop! We'll come down when the rain stops.
―The baboon leader to the Lion Guard[src]

Ono tries to convince the baboons to climb down the tree.

During a rainstorm, the baboon leader and his troop took shelter in a tree on the edge of a cliff. The Lion Guard begged the baboons to come down, but the baboon leader refused to cooperate until the rains stopped. Eventually, Kion grew so desperate that he sent Bunga up the tree to release his flatulence and force the baboons down. The plan worked, and the baboons jumped down the tree just before it collapsed. The baboon leader landed on Fuli's back, to her annoyance.[3]

Lost baby baboon

That's not our baby. Whoop! He belongs to our, uh, neighbors.
―The baboon leader on the baby baboon[src]

After rescuing a baby baboon, Fuli journeyed to Nyani Grove and spoke to the baboon leader, who informed Fuli that the baby baboon did not belong to their group. Rather, he belonged to the baboons of Mapango Cliffs, who lived at the very top of a steep ridge. Though loath to travel so far, Fuli begrudgingly set out to return the baby baboon home. On her way out of the grove, the baboon leader told her to bring a message to their cliff neighbors, after which the baboons began to pelt her with fruit.[1]

Conflict with Kifaru

When Kifaru the rhinoceros lost his tickbird Mwenzi, his poor eyesight caused him to run into a tree. The baboon leader leaped from the tree and fled.[4]

Savannah Summit

I was having a perfectly nice time when suddenly this...this hippo with a horn bumps into me.
―The baboon leader on Mbeya[src]

Later, the baboon leader was invited by Simba to the Savannah Summit. He and some other animal leaders gathered at Pride Rock, where Simba announced that Makuu, the untrustworthy crocodile leader, had also been invited. Together, the party proceeded to Mizimu Grove, during which Simba and his majordomo Zazu stressed the importance of equality and unity.

The baboon leader arrives at Pride Rock.

Later, the Lion Guard heard Zazu squawking for help, and they followed the noise to where Rafiki was attempting to paint a portrait of the baboon leader and Mbeya, the leader of the rhinoceroses, who was sitting atop Zazu. The Lion Guard demanded an explanation, and Mbeya furiously explained that Zazu had called him clumsy. The baboon leader clarified that it had been him who had called Mbeya clumsy and then accused Mbeya of having bumped into him. Zazu yelled for Mbeya to get off him, and the rhinoceros complied, much to Zazu's relief. The baboon leader and Mbeya started to bicker again, but Beshte stepped in-between them and encouraged them to get along with one another. The three then apologized to each other, and Rafiki laughed at the absurdity of the situation.

That evening, the baboon leader looked on as Makuu proclaimed his innocence, claiming that he had only wished to help his float by coming to the Summit. Afterward, negotiations were reengaged.[5]

New water source

Follow Ma Tembo!
―The baboon leader[src]

In the midst of following Ma Tembo, who was looking for a new water source, the baboon leader and his troop were attacked by Janja's clan. However, the Lion Guard intervened, and Kion used the Roar of the Elders to blast the hyenas away. After the fiasco, the baboon leader and his troop continued to follow Ma Tembo.[6]


Later, the baboon leader watched the mashindano between Kiburi and Makuu.[7]

Fuli's trip to the Tree of Life

Before Fuli departed for the Tree of Life, the baboon leader and his troop approached her and gave her hugs goodbye, much to her annoyance.[8] When Fuli returned to the Pride Lands with Azaad, the baboon leader and his troop approached. While the baboon leader looked on, the members of his troop hugged and tugged on the two cheetahs.[9]

Physical appearance

The baboon leader is noticeably larger and stockier than his fellow baboons. He has the same dusky brown fur, but is differentiated by his fluffy grayish-brown mane, which wraps around his head, neck, and shoulders. His chest is a darker grayish-brown, while his hands and feet are pink. He has black eyes.[2]

Personality and traits

Fuli? When you see the cliff baboons, will you give them a message from us?
―The baboon leader, shortly before throwing fruit at Fuli[src]

The baboon leader is stubborn and unintelligent, and frequently ignores the Lion Guard's advice.[3] Like most baboons, he enjoys throwing fruit at other animals.[1]




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