Physical Characteristics
Hair color

Black, blue, brown, gray, tan, and white

Eye color

Amber, black, blue, brown, green, and red


   Long ears and muzzles

Sociocultural Characteristics



Pride Lands





Notable members

   Boboka's son

When we die, our bodies become the grass, and the antelope eat the grass...and so, we are all connected in the great Circle of Life.
Mufasa on the Circle of Life[src]

Antelope are a species of animal native to the Pride Lands. There are several variations of antelope, including bushbucks, elands, gazelles, impalas, klipspringers, kudus, oryxes, reedbucks, and sable antelope.

Physical characteristics

An antelope is a four-legged animal of moderate size. Antelope have furry hides, typically brown or gray in color, though some variations are blue. Their eyes range in color, though black and brown are the most common eye colors observed. Some antelope have horns.

Sociocultural characteristics

Antelope are skittish by nature and will flee at the slightest noise. They are commonly hunted by cheetahs, hyenas, and lions.


In The Lion King


Topi during "Circle of Life"

Antelope make their first appearance at the presentation of Simba, where they pay their respects to the future heir of the Pride Lands. They make their second appearance when Mufasa is explaining to his son that antelope are just as much a part of the Circle of Life as lions are. Along with other African animals, they sing "I Just Can't Wait to be King," and are mentioned by Simba when he asks Timon and Pumbaa what kind of prey resides in the jungle. Antelope are last seen at Pride Rock for the presentation of Simba's cub.

In The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

Antelope come to the presentation of Kiara at the beginning of the film. They are seen again in "We Are One" when Simba and his daughter race across the Pride Lands, and make a brief appearance during Kiara's first hunt. Along with their fellow animals, they sing "One of Us," during which they help to drive Kovu out of the Pride Lands, and appear again during "Love Will Find a Way." At the end of the film, they journey back to Pride Rock to celebrate the union of the Outsiders and the Pridelanders.

In The Lion King 1½

Antelope are briefly seen when Timon and Pumbaa watch the first film. They are later seen at Simba's presentation as the sequence from the first film carries out, and appear during "I Just Can't Wait to be King."

In The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar

A herd of gazelles is spun into a stampede when Janja and his clan attempt to pick them all off. Just in time, the Lion Guard arrives and chases off the hyenas. However, the herd keeps running, endangering Kiara, and Bunga jumps in to save her.

Lara Herd

Gazelles as they appear in "Beauty and the Wildebeest"

In The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa

In "Beauty and the Wildebeest"

A beautiful gazelle named Lara is the object of a wildebeest's affections in this episode. Throughout the course of the episode, she and the other gazelles in her herd appear, including a strapping male gazelle named Mel. Despite being wooed by her own kind, Lara vouches to be in favor of love, choosing Herman over the pressures of her gazelle friends.

In The Lion Guard

In "Never Judge a Hyena by its Spots"

At the beginning of the episode, a herd of oryx are being chased by Janja and his cronies, Cheezi and Chungu. Just in time, the Lion Guard races to the rescue, and Kion chases the hyenas off while the other members calm the herd.

In "The Rise of Makuu"

A herd of gazelles can be seen at the mashindano between Makuu and Pua. After Makuu's victory, he and his float invade Big Springs, pushing the antelope out of their territory and into that of the giraffes.

In "Bunga the Wise"

During a severe series of storms, the Pride Lands flood, and Kion expresses concern for a herd of grazing oryx. Not long after this, Bunga begins doling out bad advice, and a herd of bushbucks attempts to take his advice by eating poisonous flowers. Just in time, the Lion Guard stops them. They later save an oryx from falling off a cliff, which proves to have been another bad idea from Bunga.

In "Can't Wait to be Queen"

While singing "Duties of the King", Zazu mentions that some of Simba's duties include welcoming herds from all around, including gazelle herds, and setting limits on bushbuck hopping.

In "The Kupatana Celebration"

Various kinds of antelope can be seen at the Kupatana celebration.

In "Fuli's New Family"

Several times, Fuli attempts to hunt a gazelle, but she is continually interrupted by her friends. At one point, she and Kiara sneak up on a gazelle, but Nala calls for a halt, and Fuli falls to the ground.

In "The Search for Utamu"

A bird frantically flies up to Fuli, begging her to break up an oryx fight that is too close to their nests. Fuli does as she's asked, and the oryx run away in a panic.

In "Ono's Idol"

A herd of klipspringers are cornered on a ledge by a waterfall by Janja's clan before the Guard intervenes.

Other roles

In The Lion King: Six New Adventures
In A Tale of Two Brothers

When a terrible drought plagues the Pride Lands, the animals come before Ahadi for help. Among the various complaints, the antelope gripe that there are hardly any leaves left, thanks to the giraffes. They are supported in their claim by the zebras.

In Vulture Shock

Gazelles as they appear in Vulture Shock

At the beginning of the story, Kopa, the prince of the Pride Lands, is going to a water hole to watch his father break up a fight between the antelope and a hippopotamus named Kiboko. Simba asks for a representative among the antelope, and Nzee steps forward, explaining that Kiboko has taken the water hole from her herd. Kiboko retorts by spraying them with water, and Nzee angrily tells Simba that Kiboko is big, dirty, and smelly. When asked why he no longer lives in his swamp, Kiboko gargles loudly, and Nzee nearly attacks him in her mad rage. At the same moment, Kopa runs up to his father, but the antelope pressure Simba until he sends his son away. The herd later assists Simba in rescuing Kopa from the claws of bloodthirsty vultures, presumably guilty over their involvement in the cub's abduction.

In A Snake in the Grass

While in a bad mood, Kopa takes to watching a herd of springbok bounce across the plains.

In How True, Zazu?

Nzee, an antelope, and her daughter, Nzuri, show up at a water hole one day to talk with Muwa, Pembe, and their children about the nosiness of the king's majordomo, Zazu. The adults go to discuss the matter further, but the young animals think it a fun idea to spread false rumors around the Pride Lands to get Zazu in trouble. Nzee is later seen during an army ant attack, during which she pushes rocks off Zulu Falls so the river floods and drowns the ants.

In the Hakuna Matata Magazine Series
In All Mud and Motor Mouth

Because of a terrible drought that shakes the savanna, gazelles and other grazers vacate the grasslands in search of food elsewhere.

In Hunt for Help

During a fire, antelope are seen fleeing the flames alongside other Pridelanders.

In In Deep Water

In an attempt to keep hydrated during a drought, antelope gather on the shore of a feeble water source.

In The Ghost Elephant

Simba sees several animals fleeing from Giganta, among them a herd of gazelles.

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