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Martial eagle

Feather color

Black, gray, purple, and white

Eye color


Distinguishing features

Mark of the Night Pride on right shoulder

Biographical information
Also known as

   Keenest of Sight




   Tree of Life
   Pride Lands (formerly)


   Night Pride
   Lion Guard (formerly)
   Pride Landers (formerly)


Keenest of Sight in the Pride Lands (formerly)

Relationship information

Baliyo, Beshte, Bunga, Fuli, Hadithi, Jasiri, Kiara, Kion, Makini, Mwoga, Mzingo, Nala, Nirmala, Ono, Rani, Simba, Surak


Chuluun, Fahari, Jiona, Makucha, Mama Binturong, Ora, Scar, Smun, Mwoga (formerly), Mzingo (formerly)

Anga lenga!
―Anga's catchphrase[src]

Anga is a female martial eagle. She is the former Keenest of Sight of the Lion Guard. She currently serves as a member of the Night Pride.

When mysterious fiery sticks began dropping on the Pride Lands, the Lion Guard appealed to Anga for help. She agreed and discovered that a parliament of vultures was behind the attacks under orders from Scar. Together, she, the Lion Guard, and an eagle named Hadithi defeated the vultures and sent them back to the Outlands.

After assisting the Lion Guard in defeating Scar, Anga replaced Ono as the Keenest of Sight due to his eyesight being damaged. She journeyed with the team to the Tree of Life, where she eventually took up permanent residence as a member of the Night Pride.


Early life

Anga lived in the Pride Lands. As a hatchling, she observed Kion leading his friends on a mission to save Ono's egg from the hyenas.[1]

Recruited by the Lion Guard

Beshte: Hey, Anga, I want you to meet Kion and the-
Anga: Lion Guard. I know who you are.
Beshte introduces Anga to the Lion Guard[src]

Anga agrees to assist the Lion Guard.

When fire sticks began raining down from the sky, the Lion Guard rushed to protect a herd of giraffes. In the midst of the attack, Ono attempted to find the source of the fire sticks, but the high altitude forced him to return to the ground. This gave Beshte the idea to talk to Anga, a high-flying martial eagle.

The Lion Guard found Anga in a grove of trees, and she agreed to help them find the source of the fire sticks. Shortly afterward, another attack began, and Anga and Ono took off to investigate the problem. As they flew higher and higher, Ono was forced to retreat, while Anga soared ahead. Once above the clouds, she spotted Mzingo and his parliament dropping fire sticks onto the Pride Lands below.

Anga and Ono during the "Height and Sight" musical sequence.

Anga reported back to the Lion Guard, and Kion suggested that they rally the kingdom's birds to help stop the vultures. Ono suggested asking Hadithi for help, which excited Anga. Together, Anga and Ono departed to ask for Hadithi for help. Along the way, Anga taught Ono how to fly as she did.

Eventually, Anga and Ono found Hadithi surrounded by his adoring fans. At first, Ono worried that Hadithi was still taking credit for the doings of others, but he soon realized that Hadithi was humbly attributing his successes to those who deserved it. Ono implored Hadithi to help the Lion Guard, and Hadithi agreed, leading his followers to where the Lion Guard had gathered to plan their next move.

Anga and Ono rally the birds of the Pride Lands.

Once the birds and the Lion Guard rallied, they took off to thwart another attack, this time over the Maumivu Thorn Patch. During the fight, Anga got wounded, and Hadithi and Ono rushed to save her. However, Hadithi got attacked by vultures and ended up falling into the thorn patch below.

With no Hadithi to rally the birds, Ono took up the mantle of leader and managed to lead the birds in another assault. They rounded up the vultures, and Kion used his Roar of the Elders to banish them back to the Outlands.[2]

Battle for the Pride Lands

We chased off the vultures. But not before they hit Pride Rock. What do we do?

One day, Anga informed Kion that the Army of Scar had been spotted near Mapango Cliffs. After several seasons in which the Pride Landers battled Scar's army, Simba decided to invade the Outlands to defeat Scar once and for all. In preparation, Anga and Ono gathered the Pride Lands' birds and began training them at Pride Rock.

Anga saves the royal family from a fire at Pride Rock.

That night, the vultutes set a fire near Pride Rock, and Anga chased them away. However, the fire trapped the royal family on Pride Rock's promontory. After Anga bore Kiara to safety, she fetched Hadithi, and the two eagles helped carry Simba and Nala to safety as well. No sooner were the royals on solid ground when Scar's spirit manifested in the flames and threatened the assembled Pride Landers. As the fire died down, Scar disappeared, and the Pride Landers grew concerned about their chances against him. Just then, Janja approached with some advice on how to defeat the seemingly invincible spirit. Heeding Janja's advice, Simba readied an invasion force for the morning and sent the Pride Landers to get some rest.

The next day, Anga participated in the battle against the Outlanders, during which she and Hadithi fought off the vultures. After an extended fight, the Pride Landers emerged victorious. However, Anga noticed that Ono had vog inside his eyes and that Kion had received a scar on his left eye. Inside the Lair of the Lion Guard, Anga stayed by Ono's side while Rafiki examined his injuries. Due to Kion's and Ono's conditions, the Lion Guard resolved to visit the Tree of Life, and Kion appointed Anga to be the Lion Guard's new Keenest of Sight. Shortly afterward, Anga and the rest of the Lion Guard bid the Pride Landers farewell and departed on their journey to the Tree of Life.[3]

Journey to the Tree of Life

Makucha's plot

I think I see the next moja kwa moja stone.

While en route to the Tree of Life, the Lion Guard arrived at the first landmark of their journey: a waterfall in the Back Lands. Anga spotted the next landmark, an iroko tree, in the distance.

Anga attacks Jiona, one of Makucha's leopard allies.

The team started toward the tree, only to be thwarted by Makucha, who demanded that they leave his territory. He and his friends, Fahari and Jiona, attacked the Lion Guard until a dust storm called a harmattan interrupted the fight. Anga used her eyesight to guide the Lion Guard to a cave by the waterfall, but Makucha and his friends were already inside.

Makucha explained that a harmattan could last for weeks and that he did not want them staying in his territory for so long. He offered to guide them out of his territory, and Kion accepted. Together, the leopards and the Lion Guard ventured out into the harmattan.

Anga leads her team through a harmattan.

Along the way, Makini chattered with Anga about the Tree of Life and revealed that many sick animals journey there for healing. Makucha drew his friends to the side and schemed to lead the Lion Guard off a cliff and force Makini to lead them to the Tree of Life.

Makucha led the Lion Guard to a canyon that ended in a cliff. However, the Lion Guard could not see the danger through the dust. Ono, who had been blown away in the wind, arrived and warned his team members, who turned to face Makucha and his friends. A brief scuffle broke out, with Anga rescuing Bunga from falling off the cliff.

Anga rescues Bunga from falling off a cliff.

The winds began to pick up, and Ono warned the Lion Guard to take shelter behind rocks. The leopards did not hear his warning and got blown away. An enraged Makucha resolved to follow the Lion Guard to the Tree of Life, but his friends refused. Makucha then left to track the team on his own.

With the danger abated, the Lion Guard arrived at the iroko tree. The team assured Ono that he was a valuable member of the team. They then set off for a two-peaked mountain, the next landmark in their journey.[4]

Befriending the snow monkeys

I won't be much help. They think I wanna to eat them.
―Anga on the snow monkeys[src]

Anga after being attacked by the fearful snow monkeys.

The Lion Guard struggled to climb up a mountain on their way to the Tree of Life. The team wondered if they should travel around the mountain, but Kion insisted that they climb over it to save time. However, he slipped on snow and knocked the entire Lion Guard down the slope with him.

After the fall, Fuli suggested that they take the route around the mountain, but Kion angrily insisted that they should continue climbing. At that moment, Makini spotted a family of snow monkeys relaxing in a hot spring. Anga flew over to ask for directions, only to scare them, as they were afraid of birds of prey.

Anga finds a new hot spring for the snow monkeys.

Impatient, Kion decided to use the Roar of the Elders on the mountain in order to blow a hole through it. He used the Roar and started an avalanche that came barreling toward them. The Lion Guard managed to rescue the snow monkeys from danger, but their home got buried in the process.

Kion apologized to the snow monkeys and vowed to find them a new home as repayment. Yuki, the matriarch, explained that they wanted a hot spring with plenty of available food and no trees for large birds to nest in. Anga spotted a hot spring, but warned that it was out of their way and had many nearby trees. Kion insisted they journey there anyway.

Anga saves Bunga and the snow monkeys.

When they arrived, the snow monkeys were scared off by flying squirrels and ended up falling into a deep hole in the snow. Anga witnessed their disappearance, and Kion ordered his team to investigate.

When the Lion Guard arrived on the scene, Bunga fell into the hole himself. Ono warned the others that they could not get too close, else they would fall in as well, and that any movement within the hole would cause the snow monkeys and Bunga to fall deeper. Though the team looked to Kion for direction, he asked Fuli for help, as he was not thinking clearly. She agreed and ordered Anga to lift the snow monkeys out in her talons.

Anga plays in the hot spring with Nabasu and Kimyo.

Anga approached the snow monkeys and told them that she would lift them to safety in her talons. The snow monkeys reacted with fear and panic as Anga approached them, causing snow to fill the hole. However, Anga burst out of the snow with the snow monkeys and Bunga safely in her talons. Once they landed, Fuli told Anga to find a new hot spring for the snow monkeys.

Anga followed Fuli's orders, and the Lion Guard led the snow monkeys to a new home. Once there, Fuli allowed the team to take a brief reprieve, as they had earned it. Anga played in the hot spring with the two young snow monkeys, Nabasu and Kimyo.[5]

Saving Domog's pack

It's not a ghost. It's a big cat with white fur. I only saw it because it ran in front of that rock.
―Anga on Chuluun[src]

Anga informs Kion and Bunga that there is a nearby patch of tuliza.

While on their way to the Tree of Life, the Lion Guard reached a bamboo forest. Anga spotted a patch of tuliza, and Bunga offered to fetch some for his team. He bounded up a cliff to reached the tuliza, but slipped and fell a great height to the snow below.

After Bunga's fall, a pack of red pandas approached, hailing Bunga as "Sonnesen Khun." The Lion Guard approached questioningly, and a red panda named Dughi explained that a Chosen One was destined to fall from the sky and defeat the Ghost of the Mountain.

Anga corners Chuluun against a large rock, where she is visible.

Just then, the pack's leader Domog approached and explained that their pack had been haunted by an invisible force that had driven them from their homes. Kion agreed to help the red pandas defeat the ghost in order to keep the Circle of Life in balance and added that even though they were not in the Pride Lands anymore, they were still the Lion Guard.

The team journeyed up the mountain, where they were set upon by an invisible foe. The team struggled to catch the "ghost" until it leaped onto a rock, allowing Anga to see that it was a catlike creature. Ono identified the "ghost" as a snow leopard, and the Lion Guard tracked its footprints up the slope.

The Lion Guard arrives to defend the red pandas from Chuluun.

Eventually, through teamwork, the Lion Guard cornered the snow leopard, Chuluun, against a rock. Kion warned Chuluun to leave the red pandas alone, but she asserted that she followed her own rules. However, before she could escape, Bunga tackled her, covering her in his orange paint. Chuluun fought him off and escaped.

No sooner had she disappeared when the team overheard fearful cries. Anga spotted Chuluun, marked by orange paint, attacking the pack. The Lion Guard raced to the rescue, only for Chuluun to evade them again. Domog questioned if they had found the Ghost of the Mountain, and the team explained that Chuluun was behind the ghostly attacks. They then implored the red pandas to join them in defeating Chuluun.

Anga assists the Lion Guard and the red pandas in cornering Chuluun.

Together, the Lion Guard and the red pandas followed Chuluun and cornered her at the edge of a cliff. However, Chuluun rolled around in the snow to mask herself once more. Bunga ordered the red pandas to keep Chuluun surrounded, then released gas in her face. A shocked Chuluun lost her footing and plummeted off the cliff.

Back at the bamboo forest, the red pandas thanked the Lion Guard for their help. Makini identified the next moja kwa moja stone, and the Lion Guard continued on their way.[6]

Journey through the marsh

This way. The next moja kwa moja stone's straight ahead.

Anga prevents Bunga from eating more snails.

On their way to the Tree of Life, the Lion Guard traveled through a marsh. The team was attacked by mongooses, during which Makini ran off with Ono in order to protect him. After the fight, the Lion Guard realized that Makini and Ono were missing and set off to find them.

Along the way, they were continually attacked by the mongooses. Finally, Kion pinned one down and demanded to know why they were attacking the Lion Guard. The mongooses explained that Bunga kept eating their snails. Just then, Makini and Ono emerged from underground. Together, the Lion Guard journeyed toward the next moja kwa moja stone. Along the way, Bunga attempted to eat more snails, but Anga grabbed him in her talons and prevented him from doing so.[7]

Dragon Island

That's not all it did. Remember that land bridge you walked over to get here?
―Anga on the Roar of the Elders[src]

On their way to the Tree of Life, the Lion Guard stumbled upon an island. Kion wondered where the next moja kwa moja stone was, and Anga explained that it was on a hill on the island. The team ventured toward it, only to stop at the edge of the sea.

Anga leads the Lion Guard to Dragon Island.

Bunga started to play in the waves when he was swept out to sea. However, he was rescued by a dolphin named Lumba-Lumba, who explained how much she loved the ocean. The Lion Guard then bid her farewell and started toward the island.

As the team started to cross a land bridge to the island, they were stopped by an old civet, who warned them about the dragons that inhabited the island. The Lion Guard brushed off his warnings and continued on their way.

Anga saves Makini from a tidal wave.

Once on the island, Makini bound off to gather tuliza for Kion. No sooner was she gone when a Komodo dragon named Ora attacked with the help of his minions. A desperate Kion used the Roar of the Elders to blow his foes away, but in doing so, he caused the water to recede from the island, then come back as a tidal wave.

The Lion Guard struggled to escape the tidal wave, which decimated the island and caused Makini to lose her tuliza. Just then, the team heard Lumba-Lumba crying for help from the beach. They found her stranded on the sand and vowed to help her. Kion admitted that he was not in the right head and put Fuli in charge. She commanded Anga, Makini, and Ono to find the next moja kwa moja stone while the rest of the team dug a tunnel from the sea to Lumba-Lumba.

Anga, Makini, and Ono reach the next moja kwa moja stone.

Anga, Makini, and Ono identified the next landmark: a tree on a cliff. They overheard the Komodo dragons attacking the Lion Guard and raced to their rescue. Together, the team fended off the attackers.

After the fight, Kion used his Roar to create a path through the waters. The resulting waves washed Lumba-Lumba back to sea, and she thanked them for saving her. The Lion Guard then journeyed across Kion's path through the waves, with Ora and his minions in hot pursuit. However, once the team reached the shore, Kion stopped roaring, and the waves crashed in on the Komodo dragons. The team then journeyed on to the next moja kwa moja stone.[8]

Crossing the desert

But how did you find it? There aren't any landmarks in this desert. And the dunes keep moving.
―Anga on Tupp's plant[src]

Anga shades Beshte from the sun.

On their way to the Tree of Life, the Lion Guard found a moja kwa moja stone at a dry riverbed. Makini remembered a waterfall that she had visited with her parents. She implored the Lion Guard to take a brief detour to visit it, and Kion agreed. However, when the team arrived, they found that the waterfall had dried up. Anga spotted the next moja kwa moja stone, and the Lion Guard continued on its way.

Along the way, Makini's memories proved to be different than the actual landscape. Eventually, the Lion Guard reached the next moja kwa moja stone, which was located at a dry pool. Ono explained that the next landmark was a patch of four flowers in the shape of a diamond. Anga reported that she could not find any white flowers, only a desert. Makini exclaimed that she had had to cross the desert in order to reach a series of cliffs. The team was doubtful of her memory, but with little else to go on, they let her take the lead.

Anga spots the cliffs in the distance.

The Lion Guard crossed the desert, enduring extreme heat and sandstorms. Anga used her body to block the sun from burning Beshte's back and shoulders. Later, Kion decided to go back the way they had come. However, another sandstorm struck, erasing their footprints and shifting the landscape so that they did not recognize where they were. Ono then suggested that they build a shelter for the day and wait until nighttime to continue their journey.

That night, a jerboa named Tupp appeared and led them to a plant with water on its leaves. The Lion Guard drank, and Anga questioned how Tupp had found the plant. He explained that desert creatures used the sky to navigate their surroundings. This caused the team to realize that the four white "flowers" were really stars. They followed the stars to a series of cliffs, confirming that Makini's memories had been right all along.[9]

Detour at Flamingo Beach

It's under the tree. On top of that mesa. Just beyond the rock formations? It's the only tree around!
―Anga on tuliza[src]

On their way to the Tree of Life, the Lion Guard struggled to cross the desert. A fatigued Kion tripped, and Makini offered him her help. However, the irritation in Kion's scar caused him to snap at her and insist that he was fine. Fuli told Makini to give Kion a dose of tuliza, but Makini admitted that they were out.

Anga watches over Kion at Flamingo Beach.

While Anga looked for tuliza, Bunga aggravated Kion. Anga spotted a patch of tuliza past a nearby sea. The team arrived at the sea, only to find that the water was extremely salty. Makini suggested that Kion relax in the water, and he relented. Once in the water, he calmed and began to float on his back. In the meantime, Fuli left on her own to collect the tuliza.

A flock of flamingos landed nearby, causing a disturbance, and the Lion Guard struggled to keep Kion calm. Eventually, the team lost track of Kion, who got prodded by the flamingos. He awoke, irritated, and nearly used the Roar of the Elders. Just then, Fuli approached with the tuliza and gave him a dose. Immediately, Kion calmed, and the team continued on its way.[10]

Recovering Makini's staff

Straight through there. You'll see Mama's hideout when you get close. There's lots of tuliza.

Anga saves a civet from drowning.

On their way to the Tree of Life, the Lion Guard journeyed through a forest. Along the way, the nearby animals panicked every time the Lion Guard mentioned tuliza, which confused the team.

Unbeknownst to the team, they were being watched by a porcupine, who reported the incidents to a binturong named Mama Binturong. Mama Binturong declared that every tuliza flower belonged to her and that she would never let another animal have any.

Anga and Bunga question a gibbon on the location of Makini's staff.

Meanwhile, Bunga pulled a prank on a civet by yelling, "Tuliza!" unexpectedly. The civet panicked and fell into a nearby river, but Anga rescued him from drowning. The Lion Guard attempted to question him on why the forest animals were afraid to mention tuliza, but the civet fled in fear once again.

After the incident, Mama Binturong approached and watched the Lion Guard from afar. She witnessed Makini fetching tuliza from her bakora staff, and ordered her porcupine minions to steal the staff for her. The Lion Guard noticed the theft, but only after Mama Binturong had taken the staff and retreated to her hideout.

Anga struggles to fit between the stone pillars.

The team questioned a gibbon on where the staff could be, but he panicked when they mentioned tuliza. However, after being cornered by Anga and Bunga, he advised them to talk to a mongoose. The mongoose refered them to another animal, and he to another animal, and so on, until at last, the Lion Guard met up with the gibbon in a cave. The gibbon explained that he could not have talked to them earlier, lest Mama Binturong's spies catch on to his activities. He informed the team that Mama Binturong hoarded all the forest's tuliza in her hideout in the Stone Forest. The Lion Guard took off to deal with the problem.

Once to the Stone Forest, the Lion Guard struggled to fit between the pillars. Anga flew overhead, but was unable to fit between the pillars. Only Bunga was able to squeeze through. He braved it alone, eventually reaching Mama Binturong's hideout, where he retrieved the staff and defeated Mama Binturong. Bunga returned to the Lion Guard and gave Makini her staff back, after which the team moved on to find the next moja kwa moja stone.[11]

Kion's breakdown

Kion's down there, hanging from a branch.

Anga saves a gosling from a fall.

While en route to the Tree of Life, Kion pushed the Lion Guard to travel as fast as they could. Eventually, the team stopped for a break at a watering hole, but Kion cut the break short, insisting that they should keep moving. Fuli asked Makini to give Kion some tuliza, but the herb did not soothe his bad temper.

The team eventually reached a canyon, where they spotted several goslings jumping off a cliff. Beshte insisted on saving them, much to Kion's annoyance. However, the mother goose arrived and lectured the team for ruining her goslings' attempts to leave their nests. After the incident, Kion chastised Beshte and declared that they would no longer be helping animals who did not need their help.

Anga finds Kion dangling from a cliff.

Shortly afterward, the Lion Guard found their way blocked by a procession of peacocks. Impatient, Kion bulled his way through, purposefully knocking over one of the peacocks. The Lion Guard watched in shock.

After leaving the canyon, Beshte befriended a clouded leopard named Yun Mibu, who was skilled at hanging from his feet. Kion was irritated by the delay and growled at Yun Mibu until he fled. He then turned his ire on Beshte, which prompted Fuli to challenge him. The two nearly got into a fight until Bunga broke it up and reminded Kion that Rafiki had warned them about the venom's effects. This horrified Kion, who ran off into the forest.

With Kion gone, Fuli lectured Bunga for believing that Kion was evil. The rest of the Lion Guard joined in, voicing their confidence in Kion's character.

Anga rescues Kion from falling off a cliff.

Fuli began to worry about Kion's long absence and sent Anga to check on him. She spotted him hanging perilously from a branch over a cliff and was unable to save him herself, so she fetched the rest of the Lion Guard. Once there, they tried and failed to think of a solution. Eventually, Beshte got the idea to summon Yun Mibu for help.

Yun Mibu arrived and hung by his feet over the cliff. With some help from Anga, he pulled Kion to safety. Once on dry ground, Kion apologized for being so mean to his teammates. They forgave him, and Makini gave him some tuliza for good measure. Kion suggested that they head out again, but Fuli ordered him to get some rest first. He relented, and the team settled down for a much-needed break.[12]

Arrival at the Tree of Life

The last moja kwa moja stone is on the other side of the lake.

While en route to the Tree of Life, the Lion Guard reached a frozen lake. Anga explained that the lake was large, so it would take the team a long while to travel around it. The Lion Guard decided to cross on the ice in order to reach their destination faster. While the team was crossing, the ice began to crack, and Makini lost her bakora staff to the frozen water.

Anga scouts the frozen lake.

Since the Lion Guard no longer had Makini's staff to activate the moja kwa moja stone, they relied on Ono's memory of Rafiki's map to find their way. Ono stated that the next stop on their journey was a pass through the mountains, and Anga used her keen vision to lead the team to the right location. Unbeknownst to the Lion Guard, Ullu the owl spied on their activities and left to inform the Night Pride.

The Lion Guard entered the pass, but Bunga accidentally started a rockslide by climbing the walls to reach a beehive. The rocks trapped Bunga and blocked the pass. Not long after, the Night Pride arrived, and Baliyo attacked the Lion Guard. A fight ensued, during which Anga took on Nirmala, who avoided her attack by ducking. During the fight, Kion lost control and used the Roar of the Elders on Baliyo. The leader of the Night Pride, Rani, condemned Kion and forbid the Lion Guard entry to the Tree of Life.

Anga attacks Nirmala.

As Kion's team worked to free Bunga from the fallen rocks, Kion lamented his bad choices and resolved to rely on his friends instead of himself. He returned to his team and admitted it was his fault that they could not enter the Tree of Life. Beshte suggested explaining their situation to Rani, and Kion agreed, as he wanted Ono to receive healing for his sight.

Later, Rani returned to the Lion Guard, only to find that they had cleared the pass. Kion apologized to her and implored her to accept Ono for healing. Impressed by his selflessness, Rani allowed the Lion Guard to come to the Tree of Life. The Lion Guard followed the Night Pride through the pass until they beheld the Tree of Life for the first time.[13]

Stay at the Tree of Life

First skirmish with Makucha's army

Sounds fun.
―Anga on Kion's healing exercise[src]

The Lion Guard arrived at the Tree of Life, where they met its matriarch, Queen Janna. Kion explained that he and his friend, Ono, had come for healing. Janna ordered her granddaughter, Rani, to give the rest of the Lion Guard a tour of the kingdom.

The Lion Guard is welcomed to the Tree of Life by Queen Janna.

Rani gave the Lion Guard a tour of the territory, which included a variety of habitats. However, she was called away by Ullu to deal with an attack on the Tree of Life's border. The Lion Guard decided to join the fight, as they worried over the Night Pride's fate. However, the Lion Guard arrived on the scene, only to find that the Night Pride had defeated their enemies. Baliyo mentioned Makucha as being one of the attackers, and Kion apologetically admitted that Makucha and his allies had followed the Lion Guard to the Tree of Life.

The Lion Guard and the Night Pride returned to the Tree of Life, where Rani accused Kion of letting in an army of predators. Kion apologized and offered his services in defeating Makucha's army, but Janna advised Kion to heal before he helped the Night Pride. Later, when Makucha and his army attacked the Night Pride, the Lion Guard arrived in time to chase the army away.[14]

Mama Binturong's plot

She's hanging from a branch. But I don't see any bad guys.
―Anga on Mama Binturong[src]

Anga relaxes at a water hole alongside Fuli and Rani.

Later, Anga relaxed at a water hole with the rest of the Lion Guard, Baliyo, and Rani.

Meanwhile, Mama Binturong plotted to invade the Tree of Life by pretending to seek sanctuary from Makucha and his army. She added that she would have to avoid Bunga, as he was the only member of the Lion Guard who might recognize her. The army enacted the plan, and the Night Pride fell for it, accepting Mama Binturong for healing at the Tree of Life.

As the Lion Guard headed for the Tree of Life to check on Ono's healing, Bunga left to meet his friend, Binga. Bunga headed off to find his new friend, while the rest of the team continued on its way. Together, the Lion Guard and Mama Binturong were led into the Tree of Life, where Janna accepted Mama Binturong for healing.

Anga takes over the task of finding Bunga from Ono.

Back at the Tree of Life, Janna channeled the Tree of Life's powers to heal Ono's eyesight. Ono was delighted, but Janna warned him that his vision would never be as good as it once was. Outside, Ono saw that Janna had been right, as he could no longer see in such detail. Anga instead used her vision to locate Bunga, who was still with Binga.

On their way to meet Bunga, the Lion Guard ran into Mama Binturong. They invited her to meet Bunga, but she declined. The team met Binga, and Beshte explained that Kion was still healing with Nirmala. Mama Binturong spied on the conversation and came up with a plan to defeat the Lion Guard and the Night Pride.

The Lion Guard successfully drives off Makucha and his allies.

Mama Binturong returned to her allies and instructed them to kill Janna while she distracted the Night Pride. The plan went into motion, with the Night Pride falling for Mama Binturong's cries for help. In the meantime, Makucha, Chuluun, and Ora snuck over the border.

Ullu the owl informed the Lion Guard of Mama Binturong's peril, and they resolved to help her. However, Ono realized that Mama Binturong had called Chuluun by name in her cries for help, which indicated that they were working together. The Lion Guard headed to the Tree of Life instead and headed off Makucha, Chuluun, and Ora. Meanwhile, Bunga and Binga defeated Mama Binturong.[15]

Clearing Beshte's name

Tsah: Oh, no. Is Poa attacking Pinguino?
Anga: Um... No.
—Anga and Tsah on Beshte[src]

Anga and Ono relax at a water hole.

One day, Anga and Ono flew around the Tree of Life to sight-see.

Later, when Beshte inadvertently caused disasters that earned him a bad reputation, Rani gathered the Lion Guard at the Tree of Life. She explained that Beshte had been frightening the animals due to his accidents. A saddened Beshte exiled himself from the Tree of Life, believing himself to be a true destroyer. However, the Lion Guard decided to host a meeting at the Tree of Life where Beshte could earn the animals' trust back.

At the meeting, Kion and Rani explained that Beshte was friendly, not destructive. Just then, Beshte approached with Pinguino on his back. Pinguino declared that Beshte had saved his life, effectively clearing Beshte's name. The animals then started up a chant for Beshte.[16]

Rani's coronation

She was loved by everyone.
―Anga on Janna[src]

Anga sings "Long Live the Queen" at Rani's coronation.

One day, Mama Binturong and her army attacked a tiger named Varya and her cubs, who were seeking sanctuary at the Tree of Life. The Lion Guard and the Night Pride arrived, saving the tigers from further harm.

Just then, Ullu arrived and warned Rani that Janna wanted to see her, Kion, and the rest of the Night Pride immediately. While the Lion Guard stayed behind to care for Varya and her cubs, the Night Pride and Kion followed Ullu to the Tree of Life.

Anga attended Janna's funeral at the Willows. Later, she attended Rani's coronation at the Tree of Life and sang "Long Live the Queen" with Fuli and Nirmala.[17]

Working with the Night Pride

I'll take a look. It's a stampede, all right. A stampede of bad guys. And they've already made it through the mountain pass.
―Anga on Makucha's army[src]

Mama Binturong spies on the Lion Guard and learns that Kion cannot control the Roar of the Elders.

One day, Makucha and his army launched another attack on the Tree of Life. The Night Pride challenged them despite being exhausted from a night of patrolling. The Lion Guard arrived in time to help, with Anga and Ono taking on Mama Binturong. However, Kion and Rani's dual leadership resulted in confusion.

Eventually, the Lion Guard and the Night Pride succeeded in driving off the army, though Rani criticized Kion for not following her lead. Fuli jumped to Kion's defense, but Kion admitted that he no longer had control of the Roar. Nevertheless, he offered to patrol the Tree of Life during the day in order to give the Night Pride time to rest, and Rani gratefully accepted his offer. Unbeknownst to the team, Mama Binturong was spying on their conversation from a nearby tree.

The Lion Guard settles a dispute between Heng Heng and the gentle lemurs.

After the skirmish, Mama Binturong schemed with her allies against the Lion Guard and the Night Pride, ordering the army to attack in-between shifts at sunset.

The Lion Guard patrolled the Tree of Life, coming across a dispute between Heng Heng the panda and Kely the lemur over a bamboo stand. The team decided to bring the two before Rani, who would decide who could claim the bamboo stand. Rani decided that Heng Heng could have the bamboo stand when she was required to eat and that the lemurs could have it in-between those times.

Anga expresses confidence in Kion's leadership skills.

As Kion returned to his reflections, Rani told Fuli that Kion may be unable to heal any more. She then related what Kion had said about his inability to lead the Lion Guard without the Roar. The Lion Guard returned to Kion, and Anga related the time that a much younger Lion Guard had rescued Ono's egg from Janja's clan. After the story, Kion felt inspired and revitalized, having realized that he did not need the Roar to lead his team.

After the story, Ullu arrived and warned the Lion Guard that Makucha's army was launching another attack. The Night Pride arrived, and Kion led the two teams in their attack. The teams succeeded, with Anga carrying off Mama Binturong in her talons, and Rani praised Kion for his great leadership skills.[1]

Anga carries off Mama Binturong.

One day, Makucha and his army snuck into the Tree of Life due to Ullu falling asleep. The Night Pride arrived, only for the Lion Guard to take over the shift and defeat the army.

After the fight, Bunga complimented Kion on his good leadership skills, and Nirmala agreed, adding that Kion's healing was complete. Rani worried that this would prompt Kion to return to the Pride Lands, but Kion assured her that he and the Lion Guard would help defend the Tree of Life from Makucha's army first. Kion then left to speak with Askari, leaving Fuli in charge of the Lion Guard. While on patrol, the Lion Guard freed a camel who was stuck in the sand. Bunga worried that Kion could be in trouble and left to ask Rani for answers.[18]

Battle for the Tree of Life

Bad guys. They brought friends. And captured the Tree of Life.
―Anga warns Kion of the attack on the Tree of Life[src]

Across the territory, Mama Binturong brought in new allies for Makucha's army, including Fahari, Jiona, two Komodo dragons, and Smun and his prickle.

Anga arrives at Cikha Escarpment to warn Kion of Makucha's attack.

Makucha's army invaded the Tree of Life. Ullu warned the Night Pride about the army's attack, and they rushed to the Tree of Life, only to be shut in by a giant rock pushed by Ora and his minions. With the Night Pride out of commission, the army attacked the animals at the Tree of Life. Ullu warned the Lion Guard of the danger. While the rest of the team hastened to the Tree of Life, Anga flew to Cikha Escarpment to warn Kion of the attack.

In the midst of the battle, Anga, Kion, Bunga, and Rani arrived, and Kion used the Roar to defeat the villains. He then struck the rock at the Tree of Life's entrance with lightning, destroying it and freeing the Night Pride. Finally, Kion swept Makucha and his army into a tornado, which sent them far away from the Tree of Life. Nirmala declared that Kion was truly healed, and Rani thanked him for saving the Tree of Life. She then told him that he should remain with them.[18]

Journey back to the Pride Lands

The kilpspringers. They're right in the path of the water! And hyraxes? They'll all be in danger if that water floods the valley!

After the battle, the Lion Guard approached Kion and declared that they were ready to return home. Just then, Ullu approached, heralding the arrival of Azaad, Janja, and Jasiri. Jasiri informed Kion that Zira was invading the Pride Lands and that the royal family needed the Lion Guard's help. The Lion Guard resolved to return home.

The Lion Guard hitches a ride on a log in order to reach the Pride Lands faster.

Azaad led the team to the fastest route home: a narrow canyon pass. Beshte was too wide to squeeze through, so Kion used the Roar of the Elders to widen the pass. Next, the team came to a canyon that was too wide to jump across, and Kion used the Roar to funnel his teammates to the other side. Finally, Kion created a rainstorm that filled a dry riverbed, allowing the team to hitch a ride on a floating log.

The Lion Guard continued their journey, passing familiar landmarks, such as the marsh, the mountain, and more. Eventually, they reached the Great Stone Wall. Kion used the Roar to break apart the rock, not knowing that the wall functioned as a dam, and accidentally opened a fissure that spurted water. Kion continued to Roar in order to hold the water back while the Lion Guard rescued nearby animals, which were spotted by Anga.

Anga warns her team that innocent animals are in the way of the floodwaters.

Suddenly, Ono got the idea to throw rocks into the path of Kion's Roar in order to cover the damaged section of the wall. The team worked together, heaving rocks into the Roar, until there were enough to fix the hole in the wall. Kion stopped Roaring, and the rocks fell, effectively blocking the dam.

Kion complimented his friends on their teamwork, and Azaad led the team around the stone wall. They eventually arrived in the Outlands, where they caught a glimpse of Pride Rock in the distance. The Lion Guard then entered the Pride Lands, determined to save their kingdom.[19]

Rivalry with Vitani's Guard

Kion! I see a strange lion on Pride Rock. Dark fur, green eyes.
―Anga on Kovu[src]

Anga attacks Vitani.

The Lion Guard entered the Outlands, where they ran into Madoa. Madoa, who had been in hiding with the rest of Jasiri's clan, explained that Zira's invasion of the Pride Lands had already begun. Mzingo arrived and agreed to help, per Jasiri's request.

Just then, Anga spotted Zira's son, Kovu, standing on Pride Rock. Zira's daughter, Vitani, arrived with a strange pride of lionesses and launched into battle against the Lion Guard. With the help of Mzingo and his parliament, the Lion Guard managed to distract Vitani's scout, Tazama. Kion was about to use the Roar of the Elders to finish off Vitani and her pride when Kiara appeared with Kovu and explained that the Outsiders had joined the Pride Landers. Though confused, Kion halted his attack.

Back at Pride Rock, Rafiki explained how Zira's pride had changed allegiance due to Kiara and Kovu's intervention. However, Zira had clung to her hatred, and it had destroyed her. The Lion Guard then left to greet old friends and family around the kingdom. Anga reunited with her idol, Hadithi.

Anga spots her idol, Hadithi.

The next morning, the Lion Guard entered the Lair of the Lion Guard, only to find that Vitani and her pride were already within. Vitani argued that she should lead the Lion Guard, as she was the sister of the future king, but Kion argued that, as the future queen's brother, it was his duty to lead the Lion Guard. Just then, Laini approached, begging for help, and both Lion Guards rushed off to assist her.

They followed Laini to where Thurston was stuck in a hole. The two Lion Guards argued over who should rescue Thurston, but Azaad merely approached Thurston and told him to back out of the hole. Thurston did so, and Kion commented that they must sort out their problems in order to avoid quarreling. Thurston suggested a competition to determine which team was better, and both Lion Guards agreed to the challenge.[20]

Battle of the Lion Guards

Too dark. Sorry, everyone.
―Anga after failing her competition[src]

Later, Rafiki announced the Battle of the Lion Guards to a crowd of Pride Landers. He explained that there would be five competitions to determine who was the Fiercest, Strongest, Fastest, Keenest of Sight, and Bravest in the Pride Lands.

During the Keenest of Sight's challenge, Anga struggles to see in the dark.

Beshte lost his competition, but Fuli won hers. Next, Tazama challenged Anga to find Laini, who was hiding in a dark cave. Anga struggled to see in the dark, allowing Tazama to spot Laini first and win the contest. Afterward, Bunga won his challenge.

Since the two teams had tied, Ono announced that the win would be determined by Kion and Vitani's challenge. Vitani called for a mashindano, or a physical fight. Kion was appalled and warned her that she did not stand a chance against the Roar, but Vitani asserted that she could be the fiercest without the Roar. This caused Kion to recall Askari's statement that only one who could let go of the Roar could truly master it. Realizing that Vitani was the true leader of the Lion Guard, Kion relinquished his team's duties to Vitani and her pride. Vitani was then able to use the Roar of the Elders, as she was the protector of the Pride Lands.[20]

Joining the Night Pride

Askari appeared in the clouds overhead and praised Kion for his decision. He added that Kion had truly mastered the Roar, but Kion countered that he was no longer the leader of the Lion Guard. To this, Askari reminded him that the Tree of Life needed the Roar's protection as well. The rest of the Lion Guard agreed to protect the Tree of Life alongside Kion.

Later, Anga attended Kion's wedding to Rani.[20]

Physical appearance

Anga is a relatively large martial eagle, being bigger than the honey badger Bunga. She has deep purple feathers, with a navy blue crest, stripes on her legs, tail tip, and wing tips. She has white markings on her face, a dark gray beak, dark gray feet with black claws, and a pale gray chest. Her eyes are light blue.[2]

Personality and traits

Ono: Anga, you would really be helping us out...
Anga: I'm in.
Ono: But you're the only one who can... Wait, did she just say she'd do it?
—Anga agrees to help the Lion Guard[src]

To a stranger, Anga seems cold and hostile, which often results in awkward interactions. She mostly acts stiff and uninterested in goings-on, which leads many to perceive her as unfriendly. However, Anga's friends can see beneath her cold exterior, and acknowledge that she is actually kind, caring, and willing to risk her life to protect the Pride Lands. She can be rather shy, though she often hides it by keeping up a tough act. This facade usually cracks whenever Hadithi, whom she greatly admires, is concerned, as a mention of his name is enough to make her excited.[2]



  • Anga's name means "sky, air, the heavens" or "atmosphere, space" or "radiance, brilliance" in Swahili.[22]
  • Anga's catchphrase "Anga lenga!" means "Aim for the sky!" or "Aim for the heavens!" in Swahili.[22]


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