Anansi's son
Anansi son
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Skin color

Brown, red, and white

Eye color


Distinguishing features

   Red stripes on face
   Spiked hair

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Relationship information

Anansi (father)
Unnamed mother
Unnamed grandmother

Well, why don't you swing the gourd over your shoulder so that it hangs down your back? Then it won't get in your way.
―Anansi's son to Anansi[src]

Anansi's son is a young male spider. He is the son of Anansi and his wife.

One day, Anansi's son spotted his father struggling to carry a gourd of knowledge up a ladder, where it could not be accessed by the other animals. Seeing his father struggle, Anansi's son suggested that Anansi swing the gourd over his shoulder in order to make the climb easier. Anansi took his son's advice and realized that he had learned something from another animal. This led Anansi to pour his knowledge out of the gourd and share it with the other animals.

Later, Anansi's son helped his mother expose Anansi's staged death.


Rafiki Remembers

Anansi Know-all

Anansi the spider believes himself to possess the greatest knowledge in the world, making him the smartest of all the creatures. In order to keep this knowledge to himself, Anansi locks it away in a gourd and proceeds to hide it in a corner of the ceiling, where none of the other animals can reach it.

As he is climbing to the top of the ceiling, Anansi is approached by his son, who notices his father struggling to carry the gourd. The young spider suggests his father swing the gourd over his shoulder in order to put the weight behind him, and Anansi gratefully takes the youngster's advice. As the older spider climbs, however, he realizes that his son has just taught him something that he did not know; thus, Anansi is no longer the chief champion of knowledge.

In a split-second decision, the spider reaches the top of the ceiling and turns the gourd upside down, pouring knowledge onto the floor, where it spreads among the animals. This is how knowledge was spread throughout the world.

The Bearded Stone

Whenever Anansi's family got hungry, he would trick animals into their doom and use their dead corpses to feed his family.

The Bean Feast

When Anansi fakes his own death, his wife buries him according to his wishes. As is customary, the family leaves the farm for forty days to grieve, and Anansi, who had only been pretending to be dead, picks all the family's beans for himself and makes a bean feast every night.

At the end of the forty days, Anansi's family returns, and his wife sees that all her beans have disappeared. She curses the thief aloud, and a voice consoles her to mourn the death of her husband, not the disappearance of her beans. Recognizing the voice, Anansi's wife brings her son to the farm the next day and tells him to cut down a tree near Anansi's grave. The son expresses concern that it will fall onto the grave, but his mother insists that he cut it down anyway.

As Anansi's son starts to cut down the tree, Anansi springs from the grave and declares that he is a ghost. His wife, however, accuses him of having stolen their beans and begins to chase him across the farm, which prompts Anansi to hide in the leaves of a bush.

Personality and traits

Anansi's son is respectful of his parents, doing as they wish even when he disagrees. He possesses an innocent understanding that teaches even his father, Anansi, how to live more wisely.


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