An Enemy in Trouble
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The United Kingdom


Panini Comics


The Lion Guard Magazine


April 6, 2017



Don't chase us away, Lion Guard. We need your help!

An Enemy in Trouble is a comic inspired by The Lion Guard. It was published on April 6, 2017, by Panini Comics as part of The Lion Guard Magazine.


Goigoi the jackal appeals to the Lion Guard for help, explaining that he, his mate Reirei, and another jackal had been searching for food near the river when Reirei had gotten trapped on a log in the midst of the water. She had been dragged away by the current, leaving Goigoi helpless as to what he should do to save her.

Bunga is hesitant to help Goigoi, due to his strenuous past with the Lion Guard, but Kion reminds the team that they must help any animal in need, even their enemies. Goigoi then explains that Reirei is likely far downstream by now, and Ono volunteers to sight her with his keen eyesight. However, Beshte asserts that he knows the river better and should thus lead the search himself. At this point in the comic, the reader can either choose to follow Beshte's plan or Ono's.

Beshte's plan

Kion puts Beshte in charge of the search, and Goigoi leads the team to where he had last seen Reirei. Upon seeing the site of the incident, Beshte proclaims that Reirei could not have gotten lost in a worse spot, as the river leads into a labyrinthine swamp. Kion asks Beshte if he knows where Reirei is, to which he admits that he does not, but that he will look for her to the best of his ability.

Ono's plan

Kion declares that Ono's eyesight has never failed them, prompting Ono to take to the sky. Shortly after, he pinpoints Reirei's location and realizes that she has been swept into the same swamp as Makuu and his float. Ono then guides Reirei safely from the swamp.


Beshte pushes Reirei's log to shore, where she acts irritably. Fuli notices Reirei's odd behavior, and Kion questions her as to whether she is all right. Reirei then admits that she is angry at her foolish family due to their decision to ask the Lion Guard for help. She demands to know why Goigoi had done this, to which Goigoi says that he had done it for her. Kion reaffirms that the Lion Guard helps every animal, to which Bunga adds that they help even the angry ones. Meanwhile, Reirei angrily chases after her family.

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