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I knew Aminifu a long time, and now that he has completed his journey through the Circle of Life, I will remember him fondly.
Simba on Aminifu[src]

Aminifu is a male elephant. He is the former leader of his herd.



Simba: We have a funeral to attend. My friend, Aminifu, passed away.
Kiara: I remember him.
Kion: He was a wise elephant.
Simba: Yes, he helped the Pride Lands return to normal after Scar was defeated. Once the elephants returned, all the other animals followed. The Circle of Life came back into balance. And now, Aminifu has completed his part of the Circle of Life.
Kiara, Kion, and Simba[src]

Aminifu is an elephant who lived in the Pride Lands during Simba's reign. He survived the reign of Scar by vacating the Pride Lands with his herd, though he later returned after Scar's defeat, being the first animal willing to do so. He reared a single daughter, Ma Tembo.

The Lion Guard

"Can't Wait to be Queen"

It's true. He always did have poop on him, and it always made us laugh. He always made us laugh.
Ma Tembo on Aminifu[src]

When Aminifu passes away, his old friend Simba agrees to make a tribute at his funeral. Before leaving the Pride Lands, Simba explains to his cubs, Kiara and Kion, how Aminifu had helped bring the Pride Lands back into balance after the reign of Scar, for he and his herd were the first of the animals to return to the kingdom.

When Simba arrives at Kilio Valley with Nala and Zazu, he sees members of Aminifu's herd leaving flowers on the old elephant's body while his daughter, Ma Tembo, stands watch. Saddened by the sight, Simba leads Nala and Zazu down into the valley.

A procession forms at Aminifu's funeral

After the flower ceremony, Simba gathers the herd to give his tribute. He starts by recounting his friendship with Aminifu and how he will always remember the old elephant fondly, but when he attempts to give the standard elephantese tribute of "He had good on him," he accidentally says, "He had poop on him."

Though horrified at this turn of events, Simba begins to smile as the herd breaks into laughter. Ma Tembo then explains that her father always used to have excrement on him and that it had made them laugh. She fondly adds that he was always making them laugh. When Simba still looks unsure, Ma Tembo thanks him for the tribute, and Simba comments that Aminifu certainly had good on him. Ma Tembo agrees and playfully adds that he had had more excrement on him than good.

Personality and traits

Simba: Well, he...he had good on him, too.
Ma Tembo: He did. He truly had good on him. But more poop!
Ma Tembo and Simba on Aminifu

The accounts of Aminifu's friends indicate that he is knowledgeable and wise, for he is the first animal to return to the Pride Lands after the defeat of Scar. Despite this more serious side to his personality, Aminifu is known for being bumbling and comical, for he constantly has excrement all over him, which is the cause of much laughter among his herd.


  • Aminifu's name means "upright, trustworthy, clean, loyal, straight" in Swahili.[1]


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