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To save, pardon, cure[1]




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All Afua wants to do is hang around with Beba. He doesn't want to play with me anymore.

Afua is a male lion cub.

During his cubhood, Afua becomes best friends with Kopa, the prince of Pride Rock. The two cubs have a falling out when Afua meets and befriends a cheetah cub named Beba, whom Afua continually compares Kopa to. Though initially distressed by Afua's behavior, Kopa realizes that Afua's hurtful comments are unintentional and seeks to reconcile with his friend.



Afua thinks Beba is the fastest runner and the best climber and the highest jumper around.

As a cub, Afua becomes best friends with Kopa, the prince of Pride Rock. However, their relationship suffers when Afua meets a cheetah cub named Beba, whom Afua admires for his agility and running abilities. Afua continually compares Beba to Kopa, which hurts Kopa's feelings and causes him to have a falling out with his friend.

The Lion King: Six New Adventures

A Snake in the Grass

Afua may not know he's hurting my feelings when he says that Beba is better at everything than I am.

Kopa flees from his mother, Nala, due to his distress over Afua's relationship with Beba. He runs into Timon and Pumbaa, who offer to cheer him up for Nala. Once Nala is gone, they question Kopa as to what is wrong, and Kopa explains that Afua has started spending all his time with Beba and, in doing so, has neglected Kopa.

Kopa's story reminds Timon and Pumbaa of an experience from their time in the jungle with Simba in which they had become jealous of one another. They recount the tale to Kopa, and Kopa realizes that Afua's hurtful behavior could be unintentional. In better spirits, he departs to reconcile with Afua.

Personality and traits

He's a nice kid.
Pumbaa on Afua[src]

According to Pumbaa, Afua is amiable and intelligent. It is implied by Kopa that Afua has a somewhat preoccupied personality, as he is unaware of his friend's jealousy and resentment.



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