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Physical characteristics
Hair color

Black and gray

Eye color



   Long snouts
   Short manes

Sociocultural characteristics



   Pride Lands
   Outlands (temporarily)





Notable members


They're the Pride Lands' termite experts.

Aardwolves are a species of animal native to the Pride Lands. They are nocturnal animals who feed on termites and are preyed upon by jackals.

Physical characteristics

The aardwolf is a four-legged species of moderate size. Its face is generally narrow and pointed, and it has large bat-like ears, a long snout, and wide eyes. Most aardwolves have pelts of varying shades of gray, some of which carry tints of blue or purple. Their fur is darker in places, most notably on their faces and paws, and on their stripes, which can be found on their backs, chests, face rims, legs, and necks. Their underbellies are lighter than their primary fur color, and their manes are black. Some aardwolves have manes that extend above the head and form tufts. Their inner ears are pink, and they have wide yellow sclerae. Overall, aardwolves bear a striking resemblance to hyenas, which they are often mistaken for.

Sociocultural characteristics

Aardwolves are reserved, shy creatures that only emerge at night to feed on termites. They are essential to keeping the termite population in check in the Pride Lands, despite rarely being seen. Aardwolves tend to roam from place to place, preferring the shelter of empty aardvark dens for sleep.


The Lion Guard

"Too Many Termites"

I think I kicked the aardwolves out of the Pride Lands. It was a mistake. I thought they were hyenas.
Kion to Simba, in the wake of a termite infestation[src]

One night, while scrounging around the aardvark dens, a pack of aardwolves is mistaken for hyenas. Kion warns the supposed hyenas to leave the Pride Lands for good and uses the Roar of the Elders to banish them to the Outlands. In the wake of Kion's fury, the aardwolves flee in terror and abandon their duties as termite-eaters in the Pride Lands.

The aardwolves gather in the Outlands after being mistakenly expelled from the Pride Lands by Kion

Without the aardwolves, the Pride Lands become overrun with termites, and Kion brings the problem before his father, Simba, who suggests that he bring the matter up with the aardwolves. Kion realizes that he had accidentally banished the aardwolves instead of the hyenas, and he resolves to bring them back to the Pride Lands in order to alleviate the termite problem.

The Lion Guard ventures into the Outlands, where they save the aardwolves from being eaten by jackals. Once safe, the aardwolves return to the Pride Lands, and the termite infestation comes to an end.

Known aardwolves


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