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A Royal Fib
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Kari Korhonen


Oscar Martin

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Ehapa Verlag


Disneys kleine Tierfreunde


September 28, 1999



Zazu is an excellent teacher. You should be proud to be tutored by him. And do you know why? Zazu is of royal blood! He is a king, just as I am!

A Royal Fib is a German comic inspired by The Lion King. It was published by Ehapa Verlag on September 28, 1999.


In the middle of one of Zazu's royal lessons, the prince of Pride Rock, Simba, attempts to wander away from the lecture. Zazu refuses to let the cub leave, declaring that even spoiled princes should reject a life of luxury, but Simba simply uses Zazu's words against him by asserting that he is a prince, whereas Zazu is only his teacher.

Zazu bemoans having to constantly put up with Simba pulling rank on him, which catches the attention of Simba's father, Mufasa. When Simba again tries to escape Zazu's lesson, Mufasa intercepts him and forces him to return to his schooling. He then lies to Simba that Zazu is actually an exiled king from a faraway land, Birdistan, and is therefore deserving of Simba's respect. Together, Mufasa and Zazu head out, and Mufasa assures Zazu that Simba will be more respectful henceforth, much to Zazu's relief.

Meanwhile, Simba muses over the lie, doubting the legitimacy of his father's claim. At first, he resigns himself to obeying Zazu's every command, but upon seeing two birds circling overhead, he decides to hatch a plan.

Shortly afterward, the same two birds approach Zazu and bow before him, declaring him to be the long-lost king of Birdistan. As Zazu listens in shock, the birds inform him that his evil uncle has been driven away and that the kingdom of Birdistan awaits his return. They then take off with calls for him to return home as soon as possible. In a panic, Zazu rushes to Mufasa and relates the news. A dumbfounded Mufasa realizes that his lie has spread rapidly, and he orders Zazu to find Birdistan and clear up the misunderstanding.

Across the savanna, Simba laughs alongside the two phony messenger birds, whom he had sent to trick Zazu, and proclaims that Zazu will be gone for at least two weeks. Mufasa happens to overhear the conversation and accuses Simba of having purposefully misled Zazu. He then lectures Simba on giving Zazu the respect he deserves and points out that a prince should respect his teacher, with or without a fancy title. However, as the two walk away, Mufasa reflects on having been the one to lie first.

Two weeks later, Zazu returns to the Pride Lands, and Simba apologizes for having lied to him. Though disgruntled, Zazu is pleased to find that his student is respecting him, and the reception he receives from the Pride Landers is enough to make him feel like a king.





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