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A Heroic Dirty Cub
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Werner Wejp-Olsen


Oscar Martin

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Ehapa Verlag


Disneys kleine Tierfreunde


December 2, 1997



If I do not become dirty when I play, then I don't have to take any more showers?

A Heroic Dirty Cub is a German comic inspired by The Lion King. It was published by Ehapa Verlag on December 2, 1997.


While taking a shower under the supervision of his mother, Sarabi, Simba complains that showers always put him in a bad mood, to which Sarabi counters that he would not have to take so many showers if he did not dirty himself up during playtime. This greatly surprises Simba, who realizes that all he has to do to avoid showers is stay clean, and so he vows to never get dirty again.

The next day, Simba resists his friend Nala's invitation to play with the other cubs in a mud hole. As they play, he watches them sadly, though he reminds himself that they will all have to take showers at the end of the day. Despite his own self-assurance, the cub feels a tug of jealousy for the others, viewing his own cleanliness as a rather boring pursuit.

After Nala finishes playing in the mud, she approaches Simba, who tells her about his newest ambition to stay clean, and she suggests that they go for a walk. While on the walk, Simba sticks to the rocks, not wanting to get dirty, until he decides to go home to avoid spoiling his cleanliness. Just then, the cubs hear a cry for help and see that a giraffe calf has gotten stuck in a sinkhole.

The cubs approach the calf, who explains that the ground had dropped out beneath it, and the two begin to theorize how they can help free it. Suddenly, Simba gets an idea, and together, he and Nala use pieces of bark to shovel earth into the sinkhole. After many long hours of laboring, the cubs set the giraffe free and lead it home to its mother. Once reunited with her calf, the mother giraffe thanks Simba and Nala profusely, then comments that they both must be looking forward to refreshing showers.

For the first time, Simba notices that he is covered head to paw in earth, and he hurriedly takes off for home. When Sarabi catches sight of her son, she is shocked to find that he had not kept his promise, but her shock soon turns into delight as Simba climbs willingly into the shower. As Sarabi looks on happily, Simba proclaims that though the current day had not gone as planned, the next one would be a different story.



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