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A Day Without Pumbaa
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Disney Press


5-Minute Snuggle Stories


October 1, 2013







You never do anything on purpose. You're a natural disaster! Why, you couldn't catch a bug if it flew into your mouth.
Timon to Pumbaa[src]

A Day Without Pumbaa is a short story inspired by The Lion King. It was published by Disney Press on October 1, 2013, as part of 5-Minute Snuggle Stories.

Publisher's summary

"Both boys and girls will love to snuggle up for twelve enchanting adventures, featuring favorite Disney and Disney/Pixar characters from Monsters, Inc., The Lion King, Tangled, and more! This latest entry in the top-selling series includes a padded cover and beautiful full-color illustrations. Plus, each of these cuddly stories can be enjoyed in just five minutes, making it perfect for bedtime, on the go, or anytime!"[1]

Plot summary

Timon is teaching Simba how to catch grubs when they are interrupted by Pumbaa, who swings in on a vine and accidentally knocks into Timon. Though Pumbaa apologizes, Timon criticizes Pumbaa's clumsiness and declares that he could not catch a grub if he tried. Pumbaa attempts to prove Timon wrong by catching a nearby grub, only to fall in a puddle and splatter his friends with mud.

Fed up, Timon exclaims that he has had enough of Pumbaa's antics. A saddened Pumbaa asks Simba if he agrees with Timon, and Simba admits that Pumbaa is quite disastrous. This prompts Pumbaa to leave, as he believes that his friends are better off without him.

Just then, a storm moves in overhead. Simba worries that Pumbaa will be in danger, but Timon brushes aside Simba's concerns, asserting that Pumbaa will return by lunchtime. Time passes, and Pumbaa does not come back. Once again, Simba frets over Pumbaa, but Timon reminds him that Pumbaa had chosen to leave and that they no longer have to worry about his accidents or disasters.

Simba and Timon spend time together, doing various activities around the jungle. However, they grow bored due to Pumbaa's absence. Just as they are starting an argument over what they should do next, Pumbaa bursts from the undergrowth and plows into them. Distressed, he exclaims that he is the worst friend ever, but Simba and Timon interrupt hastily by explaining how much they had missed him; even his disasters.





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